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In-House Counsel

How Much Money Can You Make In-House?

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  • David Souter, Lawyerly Lairs, Real Estate, SCOTUS, Supreme Court

    Lawyerly Lairs: Souter’s Upgrade

    I guess Justice Souter no longer has to play the role of humble civil servant, and can now start living the life of a former uber-powerful person. Yesterday, the New York Times reported that Souter is getting new digs: When he retired from the Supreme Court in June, it was expected that Justice David H. […]

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  • Career Alternatives, Entertainment Law, Layoffs, Music

    Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Band Manager

    If you’re leaving Biglaw and moving to New England to innkeep is not your thing, maybe you should consider moving to Los Angeles to promote music. The American Lawyer has an interesting piece on a laid-off first-year associate, Brandon Dorsky. He was among the batch of Pillsbury Winthrop associates whose departures were inadvertently leaked by […]

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  • Email Scandals, Rudeness

    Jones Day Slams Its Competitors

    Jones Day has escaped a lot of the worst side effects of the recession. The firm hasn’t had massive layoffs, it hasn’t cut associate salaries, it hasn’t canceled its summer program. That is something to be proud of. And Jones Day seems very proud. Above the Law has obtained an internal newsletter from Jones Day […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 08.04.09

    * The Virginia and New York U.S. attorney’s offices both want a piece of Khalid Sheik Mohammed. [Washington Post] * Guys at my high school who were married to the Secretary of State used to go on “private missions” to North Korea all the time. It was no big deal. [New York Times] * Utah […]

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  • Barack Obama

    Obama Likes ‘Em Young

    After taking some criticism for appointing federal judges who need to wear Life Alert buttons Underneath their Robes, Obama seems to be reversing course. Politico reports: On Friday, Obama nominated Abdul Kallon, 40, of Birmingham, Ala., and Jacqueline Nguyen, 44, of Los Angeles, Calif., to district court judgeships. The two lawyers are the youngest of […]

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  • Associate Salaries, Biglaw, Money, NALP, Salary Cuts

    It’s All Downhill From Here? Pay Reaches Apogee, NALP Says

    There’s nothing quite like the burning smell of deflation on a Monday morning. NALP has released its associate salary survey. The good news is that the median starting salary for associates is $130,000. The bad news is that there is no way on God’s green earth that the median salary is going to stay that […]

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  • Wall Street

    Bonuses Still Getting Bank of America in Trouble

    If the SEC was a private law firm, it would have dissolved already. The SEC is taking action against Bank of America over its bonus payments. But it probably won’t matter. Even if the SEC levels BOA with huge fine, we’ll probably just bail them out of again. Click on the link below to read […]

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  • Canceled Summer Programs - 2010, Summer Associates

    Seyfarth Shaw Cancels 2010 Summer Program

    While there seems to be some good news for rising 3Ls, there is more bad news for rising 2Ls. Seyfarth Shaw is the latest firm to cancel its 2010 summer program. Here’s the news from an email that went out to associates earlier today: [T]he Executive Committee has made the decision to not host a […]

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