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Suspended Biglaw Partner Leaves Firm

Partner leaves Biglaw firm after court finds he provided false information.

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    Mystery Meetings at Sutherland (But fear not; no bad news.)

    In these uncertain economic times, lots of law firms are holding lots of meetings. Sometimes they bring good news, and sometimes not-so-good news. E.g., Covington & Burling (welcoming the Heller IP group); Jenner & Block (everything’s dandy); McKee Nelson (layoffs). Earlier this week, Sutherland announced associate and counsel meetings would be held next week. What […]

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  • Holidays and Seasons, Parties

    Kaye Scholer to More Cowbell

    We’ve reported on firms that have canceled their holiday parties or significantly scaled them back. Some firms have decided to go ahead with their holiday festivities. But we hadn’t really heard of a firm that was looking to expand holiday revelry, until Kaye Scholer popped into our inbox. In the past, Kaye Scholer has held […]

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  • Election Law

    Election Lawyers Gotta Eat

    Now that campaign season is over, it’s time for the defamation season! Scads of down-ticket candidates have brought lawsuits against their opponents for slanderous advertising during their campaigns. I guess the presidential election wasn’t close enough for lawyers to make any money off of it. According to the National Law Journal, even the ACLU sees […]

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  • Jonathan Lee Riches, Pro Se Litigants

    In Pro Se News: Comedy and Tragedy

    We’ll start with the funny stuff. It’s been a few months since federal prisoner Jonathan Lee Riches has graced these pages. We welcome the wacky pro se litigant back as he joins the war against World of Warcraft. He’s filed a motion to intervene in video game lawsuit MDY v. Blizzard (WoW’s creator). Virtually Blind […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 11.06.08

    * The end of white supremacy? [The Volokh Conspiracy] * Can managing partners learn something from future COS Rahm Emanuel? [What About Clients?] * There were many successful female judges on Tuesday. [Ms. JD] * Is law professor apathy one reason Prop 8 passed? [The Shark] * You know what they say, the hardest part […]

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  • Eliot Spitzer

    So … Having Sex with Prostitutes is Okay Now?

    No charges will be filed against Eliot Spitzer for his participation in a prostitution ring. According to the Wall Street Journal: Manhattan U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia said that investigators found no evidence that Mr. Spitzer or his office misused public or campaign funds for prostitution. Federal prosecutors typically don’t prosecute clients of prostitution rings. I […]

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  • Weddings

    Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 9.28-10.12: Elected!

    LEWW is delighted to be back on duty after several weeks away. We won’t bore you with the reason for our absence, other than to say that we were engaged in an endeavor that–like many of the weddings we cover–ended in pain, bitterness, and finger-pointing. But that’s all behind us now, and we’re excited to […]

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    Letting Wachtell Down Easy

    A job seeker, who had applications for full-time employment pending with many of New York’s major law firms, recently landed a clerkship. So he decided to withdraw his Biglaw applications. Here’s the letter he sent — in a spirit of playfulness, not arrogance — to one prominent firm: Thank you for considering me for an […]

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  • Kramer Levin, Movies

    ‘Impossible Pursuits’ at Kramer Levin

    Kramer Levin is going to be a film star. The New York office received notice yesterday that a movie shooting will start there next week. From: Tortorella, Nicholas J. Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 11:39 AM To: All NY Subject: Movie Shoot at KL The firm has consented to permit several scenes from “Love and […]

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    Flat Salaries + Higher Taxes = Angry NYC Associates

    New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg could be preparing to raise taxes: To close budget gaps in the year that starts next July the mayor is thinking about a combination of sales tax increases and income tax hikes. “Every city agency must push each dollar further,” Bloomberg said. “We’re going to do that and doing […]

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    A Guide Around Anti-Discrimination Laws:
    Brought to you by The Christian Legal Society

    We received 1,054 responses to Monday’s ATL / Lateral Link survey on when raises happen at your firms. As expected, the overwhelming majority of you — almost 80% — said that your firms raise salaries in January. But the rest of you are probably in for a wait. More than half of the associates who […]

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