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Josh Duggar Is Not The Only One Who Escaped Prosecution

According to columnist Tamara Tabo, Josh Duggar himself might have benefited if his parents had handled the first reports of sexual abuse as the law required.

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  • Antitrust, Litigators, Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 12.15.08

    * Investigators looking in to Bernard Madoff’s ponzi scheme “found evidence he ran an unregistered money-management business alongside his firm’s brokerage and investment-advisory subsidiaries.” [Bloomberg] * A little insight into how Marc Dreier cheated even the best businessmen. [New York Times] * Regardless of whether Gov. Rod Blagojevich resigns today, Democrats will have to decide […]

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  • Holidays and Seasons, Parties

    A Lawyerly Holiday Party Invite
    (At least it didn’t include a waiver.)

    If you thought the Kirkland & Ellis holiday party reminder was out of step with these sober times, here’s an invitation you might find more appropriate: Quips our tipster: “Nothing says ‘holiday cheer’ like preemptive admonitions against bringing anyone to the party you might actually WANT to talk to, driving home Toonces the Cat-style, or […]

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  • Celebrities, Defamation

    First Amendment Attorney Martin Garbus helps Perez Hilton out?

    Lindsay Lohan is kind of over as far as celebrity gossip goes: no more car accidents, no more sloppy drunk photographs, and in a relatively stable relationship. But now Lohan’s girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, is getting pulled back into the tabloids, and she’s dragging First Amendment attorney Martin Garbus along with her. Martin Garbus prides himself […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 12.12.08

    * I was a little confused as to how Bernard Madoff’s giant ponzi scheme could have gone unnoticed for so long by authorities or investors. Then I heard that New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon was invested in Madoff. Now … everything makes sense. (This n-e-v-e-r happens to the Yankees. Ever. I’m going to short-sell […]

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  • Midsize Firms / Regional Firms, Money, Salary Freeze

    Nationwide Pay Freeze Watch: Womble Carlyle Bows to Southeast Economy

    While Southeastern United States Senators are busy making the world safe for Toyota, Southeastern law firms are busy just trying to survive. The latest bad news comes the 132-year-old law firm Womble Carlyle. The North Carolina based firm has decided to freeze salary increases for all attorneys through the first half of 2009 at least: […]

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  • Law School Deans, Law Schools

    Duquesne Law Dean Dismissal Follow Up

    Duquesne Law Students are still waiting for a satisfactory reason for the dismissal of (former) Duquesne law dean Don Guter. We reported yesterday that the Dean was given 24 hours to resign, without explanation. While there has been much speculation about why Guter was asked to leave, none of the rumors have been confirmed. But […]

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  • Job Searches

    Small Law Firm Hiring on Craigslist: Hofstra Students Welcome

    With all of the carnage in the legal community, unemployed attorneys might have to look outside the box to find jobs right now. We suggest an “all of the above” strategy. Headhunters, personal connections, career counselors, or even Craigslist could produce the job you need to satisfy your landlord. An interesting little ad appeared on […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 12.12.08

    * Legal Talk of the Town: A Virginia couple has sued the New Yorker and Greenberg Traurig for an illegal search and seizure of their home. They are represented by Ken Cuccinelli, who hopes to be Virginia’s next attorney general. [Courthouse News Service] * Under this new Justice Department rule, Rod Blagojevich will have to […]

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