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The Ninth Circuit Hearts John Oliver

John Oliver gets cited in an appellate decision.

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    The Eyes of the Law: Conservative Lawyers at Play

    We’re always grateful for legal celebrity sightings for Eyes of the Law, our sightings column. So please keep them coming (by email). Recent sightings have been rather Washington-centric. So if you spot a famous lawyer, judge, or law-related TV personality outside the Beltway, we’d be especially interested in hearing from you. Our latest sightings come […]

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    Law School Dean Hotties: A Quick Plug for Our Polls

    In case you haven’t checked in here lately, we’d like to inform you that our Law School Dean hotties contests are well underway. There are three separate races going on: 1. Female nominees: Vote on them by clicking here. 2. Male nominees: Vote on them by clicking here. 3. Male nominees (B-bracket / alternates): Vote […]

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  • Breasts, Free Speech, Nude Dancing

    The First Amendment Is a Beautiful Thing

    Conventional wisdom holds that civil rights and civil liberties “don’t poll well.” Court decisions vindicating them are often wildly unpopular with the public. We suspect, however, that this ruling by a Florida appeals court may be enthusiastically received: A woman who was arrested when she exposed her breasts, to protest laws that bar women from […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 10.13.06

    * First Sean Berkowitz, the lead federal prosecutor in the Enron cases, was snared by Fortune reporter Bethany McLean. Now, some of Chicago’s top law firms are vying for his affections. [Chicago Tribune via How Appealing] * Free speech does not protect animal rights activists who harass the executives of a vaccine-making company, vandalize their […]

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