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If You Thought The Kentucky Clerk Was Stupid, Check Out This Tennessee Judge

Because what are the "freedoms" and "liberties" he rails about if not the right of government officials to tell people how to manage their love lives. Read more »
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    Law School Dean Hotties: Your Female Nominees

    Sorry it took us so long. Without further ado, we proudly present the female nominees in our first annual Law School Dean Hotties Contest. To review the nomination rules, click here. As we explained, you were free to nominate deans other than THE dean of the law school — e.g., deputy, assistant, or associate deans. […]

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    Take This Kid and Shove Him

    We kinda love this lady: A woman is taking the unusual step of trying to unadopt her 15-year-old son, saying she learned of his troubled past only after he molested two younger children. “You don’t want to throw somebody away,” said Helen Briggs, a longtime foster mother. “But sometimes you have to.” Look, we don’t […]

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    Skaddenfreude: Solo Practitioners and Small Firm Lawyers

    Some of you have requested more coverage of life beyond Biglaw, namely, boutique law firms and solo practitioners. And we are happy to oblige. First things first: How much money do you guys make? Yep, that’s right. Solo practitioners and small law firms are the theme for our next installment of Skaddenfreude: Totally Gauche Ogling […]

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    Morning Docket: 10.11.06

    * The Justice Department has launched a preliminary inquiry into possible collusion in the private equity industry. We say: Anyone making that much money has GOT to be doing something naughty. [New York Times] * What, another U.S. Attorney’s Office can be uttered in the same breath as the vaunted Southern District of New York? […]

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