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Nationwide Layoff Watch: Firm Conducts ‘Massive’ Layoffs

A significant percentage of its employees – both lawyers and staff — got hit by this round of layoffs.

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  • HP, Larry Sonsini, Manuel Real, Morning Docket, War on Terror, White-Collar Crime

    Morning Docket: 09.19.06

    * More back-and-forth between the Bush Administration and Congress concerning rules to govern the interrogation of terror suspects. The White House sent Congress a revised proposal last night; a deal could be reached by the end of this week. [Washington Post] * More developments in the HP leak investigation scandal. The most interesting: even Larry […]

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  • Clerkships, SCOTUS Clerks Are Fair Game, Supreme Court, Supreme Court Clerks

    Supreme Court Clerks Are Fair Game: Part 4

    Here’s the fourth post in our continuing series about why there’s nothing wrong with writing about Supreme Court clerks. Prior installments are available here (Part 1), here (Part 2), and here (Part 3). We’d also like to direct your attention to this excellent comment by a reader — replete with an eloquent quote from Schopenhauer. […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 09.18.06

    * The lyrics of Bob Dylan are the most frequently cited song lyrics in law review articles and judicial opinions. [Volokh Conspiracy; Insert Song Lyrics Here (pdf)] * The tabloids and celebrity weeklies are all over the mysterious death of Daniel Smith, the 20-year-old son of successful SCOTUS litigant Anna Nicole Smith. [Gawker; Gawker] * […]

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  • Bad Ideas, Biglaw, Gay

    How Not To Come Out to the Partners At Your Firm

    The anecdote we’re about to share with you is on the vulgar side. So if you’d rather not be exposed to such crudeness, just skip this post. (Mom and Dad, this means you.) We heard this story recently over drinks — but we have the permission of the storyteller to publish it. So if you […]

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