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That’s right, people. Kentucky Law’s lockers are unsafe. A tipster forwarded us the email that Associate Dean Bakert sent out today warning students not to keep books in their lockers until the security threat is addressed. There was a lock on the locker in question, but the crafty thug apparently broke it.
We know those law school books can be expensive, but they are not the things that a proper gangster steals. You can’t even brag about that, player.
We can think of some creative things the students could keep in their lockers instead of books. Like, you know, snacks and stuff. To our resourceful commenters: what helpful items would you suggest Kentucky’s law students keep in their lockers instead of books?
The text of the original email is posted after the jump.

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From a student at Duke Law School:

I had to laugh out loud at Kramer Levin’s use of the daylight savings time maxim, “spring ahead/spring forward,” to suggest that we could do the same for our careers by coming to their firm. See the flyer below, which they seem to have sent to the entire 1L class.

Actually, we think it’s kinda cute! Check out those otherworldly tulips:
Kramer Levin Naftalis Frankel spring ahead daylight savings time Above the Law blog.jpg
And it’s a helpful reminder for overworked law firm associates. If you have a conference call scheduled for, say, this Sunday morning at 10, you don’t want to miss it.

DLA Piper logo Above the Law blog.jpgSome minor email amusement, in the spirit of Skadden Arps and Pepper Hamilton, courtesy of the Chicago office of DLA Piper:

This is a pretty cool goof by Bill Rudnick, the new head of DLA Piper’s Chicago office. A group of partners just came over from Locke Lord Bissell, and apparently one of them went back to Locke Lord within a week.

Around 8:30 p.m. last Wednesday, three messages went out to the Chicago office all within a couple minutes. The first e-mail below went out first, followed by a “recall” message, and then the last message below.

Read the emails, after the jump.

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We’re pleased to announce the winner of our recent caption contest:
Greenberg Traurig lawyers blackout Miami Above the Law Blog.jpg

Justin: “Ah, Steve, you won’t believe it! You know how it was white shirt, blue tie day at the office? Well I wore a blue tie AND a blue shirt…I mean we laughed for like, hours. Seriously Steve, hours.”

Alex: “F**k off, my name’s Alex.”

The vote wasn’t very close. The winning entry had 30 percent of the vote; the runner-up was ten percentage points behind. We could have kept the polls open for longer, a la the Ohio primary, but we doubt it would have made a difference.
Thanks to everyone who submitted captions and everyone who voted. If you see a photo of lawyers that you think might be good fodder for a future caption contest, please send it our way, by email.
Slide show: Blackout, havoc in South Florida [Miami Herald]
Earlier: ATL Caption Contest: The South Florida Blackout (Final Round)

Phat Rags shirtOver the last couple of weeks, we’ve posted four sets of results from last month’s ATL / Lateral Link survey on leave and part-time arrangements:

 • your thoughts on whether you would rather work fewer hours for less pay,
 • a running table of firms’ paid maternity leave policies (mirrored here),
 • a breakdown of part-time and flex-time availability, and
 • a breakdown of childcare options (with slightly more detail provided informally here).

Today we address a fifth set of results, by popular demand: paternity leave.
As one tipster put it:

Can you also keep track of paternity leave? Firms will never really embrace work-life balance issues until they recognize that they affect both women AND men. Moreover, having lengthy maternity leave and poor paternity leave discriminates against gay couples and assumes that a woman will always be the primary caretaker.

But another comment suggests a (quickly refuted) rationale for providing shorter paid paternity leave:

The reason maternity leave is provided is because pregnancy is a legal disability. Therefore, employers (most of them) must provide you with the same rights as if you were disabled in any other way (if you’ve been there for a year), even though pregnancy is a voluntary disability. So if your firm has a 12-week disability, then it’s 12 weeks etc. (See Pregnancy Discrimination Act if I’m wrong on any of this, I’ve only seen it tangentially).

Obviously, there’s only one way to settle the debate . . . another running table. Check it out after the jump.

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Debevoise Plimpton LLP Above the Law blog.jpgDebevoise & Plimpton has long been among New York’s most prestigious law firms. It’s also widely viewed as an excellent place to work.
In the past, Debevoise’s prestige has arguably outpaced its profits. It’s often ranked more highly on the Vault 100 than on the Am Law 100 (when ranked by profits per partner). In the most recent rankings, Debevoise was #13 on the Vault 100 and #20 on the Am Law 100 by PPP.
Perhaps that’s about to change. From Legal Week (via

Debevoise & Plimpton has unveiled stellar financial results for 2007, with the New York law firm seeing both partner profits and fees climb by more than 20 percent over the last 12 months.

Profits per equity partner (PEP) at Debevoise rose by 26.5 percent from $1.81 million last year to a new high of $2.29 million. Global revenue, meanwhile, was up by 23.4 percent from $575 million in 2006 to $709.54 million.

A source who passed along this news added: “Although not mentioned in the article, several large investigations are the driving force behind these numbers.”
Of course, that’s not surprising. Thanks in large part to former U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White, internal investigations have long been a mainstay of Debevoise’s practice. They’re long-running and lucrative, since no company in deep doo-doo wants to look like it’s skimping on self-scrutiny. See, e.g., Siemens (aka Debevoise cash cow).
But how much cash will they get to keep? Discussion of a new tax proposal that will disproportionately affect partners at large law firms, after the jump.

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An Update on Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance LLP Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgTwo quick items about Clifford Chance, concerning two favorite topics here at ATL: layoff rumors and bonuses. A tipster at the firm told us:

CC/NY has laid off more structured finance associates in the wake of the six associates laid off last October. At least two more structured finance associates have been laid off in February — one straight layoff and one “pushed out,” i.e., strong-armed to leave — and there are rumors of more to come in other areas as well (such as M&A)….

The morale is low and associates [fear] that the CC/NY of the 2002 Memo vintage has come back. How can a firm which pretends to be one of the New York elite firms resort to layoffs as soon as market has slowed down? This is fantasy.

We contacted the firm, and spoke on the phone with a spokesperson:

“There have not been any layoffs since the six associates affected last October, not in structured finance nor any other practice. There aren’t any plans [for layoffs] in any practice area.”

“I’m not saying that we don’t continually monitor our business and work allocation. But we haven’t had layoffs in terms in terms of people being asked to leave for economic reasons. The layoffs in October were in direct response to market conditions in a very specialized product area, rather than a trend.”

We’re inclined to credit the firm on this. A firm that openly acknowledges layoffs, as Clifford Chance did, has more credibility when it denies layoffs than a firm that sheds a suspiciously high number of lawyers, but claims that everything is “business as usual.”
But we do have a correction to our prior report that Clifford Chance paid market bonuses, on an across-the-board / lockstep basis. Read more, after the jump.

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luxury car logos Above the Law blog.jpgSome lawyers are really into cars. One prominent practitioner here in Washington collects Ferraris — but Tefft Smith is a fairly senior partner at Kirkland & Ellis, and you probably aren’t.
So what you should do in the car department? From the ATL mailbag:

I’m a 3L with an offer to BigLaw in California. I’m planning on purchasing a car, but I’m wondering what is appropriate for a junior associate. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but a friend of mine said that he saw some partners treat associates differently if their cars were nicer then theirs. He also said, clients aren’t too happy seeing young associates driving around in Mercedes and BMW’s. Is there any truth to this?

I don’t want to buy a Honda Civic or something; I want people to take me seriously. But I also don’t want to be too flashy. I was thinking either an Acura TSX or a Lexus IS 300.

FYI — I’ll be working in Northern California, so I don’t need to have a super flashy car to pick up the L.A. girls.

We can understand partners not liking it when associates have absurdly nice autos. But on the flip side, we once heard about an associate at a white-collar criminal defense boutique whose boss ordered him to upgrade his vehicle — a Civic, coincidentally enough — because it would be bad for clients to see him in a Honda. The partner helpfully provided the associate with a list of acceptable luxury car makes (and the associate ended up getting a Volvo, one of the more reasonably priced options).
So, ATL readers, whaddya think? We look forward to your feedback, in the comments.
Born to Run: Tefft Smith and His Ferrari Fever [Legal Times]

Jenner Block LLP logo Abovethelaw Above the Law legal tabloid.JPGHere’s your daily dose of schadenfreude. Associates aren’t the only ones suffering in the economic downturn; partners are getting axed too. From the Chicago Tribune:

Jenner & Block, a top Chicago law firm best known for its trial attorneys, has downsized its partnership for the second time in two years.

At least 10 partners have been told in recent weeks they will have to give up their equity in the firm, with some being asked to leave, according to people familiar with the discussions….

“We periodically review how each of our partners and associates are doing and act on those reviews,” [firm chairman Anton] Valukas said. “It’s nothing different this year than we’ve done in other years.”

Guys at his high school got de-equitized all the time. It was no big deal.
Jenner & Block law firm cuts several partners [Chicago Tribune]

Tony Cox Dwarf Toss Above the Law blog.jpg* Skadden lawyers, take care. Police are investigating an explosion at the military recruiting station in Times Square. [AP]
* Loose lips leaks ship’s info, gets convicted. [IHT via WSJ Law Blog]
* Speaking of leaking, a Swiss bank has dropped its suit against Wikileaks. [San Francisco Chronicle via How Appealing]
* More FBI privacy screw-ups. [AP]
* Fidelity settles with SEC for $8 million in improper-gifts case. Among the gifts improperly received by Fidelity employees: a dwarf-tossing competition. [New York Times]
* An update on the troubles of Dickie Scruggs — who, by the way, hasn’t had such a great career in the post-tobacco period. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Law firm merger mania: McGuireWoods “merges” with Helms Mulliss & Wicker (although query whether it’s more of an acquisition — McGuireWoods has 750 lawyers to Helms Mulliss’s 145, and the new entity will keep the McGuireWoods name). [Charlotte Observer]
* Three days of jailhouse rockin’ for Elvis impersonator who shows up to court “apparently drunk, and sporting sunglasses and a rhinestone-studded shirt with a scarf draped around his neck.” Not clear whether he was held in contempt for the inebriation or the fashion missteps. [AP]

US News World Report law school rankings ratings Above the Law blog.jpgCourtesy of Professor Dan Solove, “a sneak peak at this year’s rankings, as well as some amazing secrets about how US News ranks law schools.”
The Official Leaked US News Law School Rankings, Plus Ranking Secrets Revealed! [Concurring Opinions]

US News World Report law school rankings ratings Above the Law blog.jpgCourtesy of Professor Dan Solove, “a sneak peak at this year’s rankings, as well as some amazing secrets about how US News ranks law schools.”
The Official Leaked US News Law School Rankings, Plus Ranking Secrets Revealed! [Concurring Opinions]

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