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Struggling Firm Will Close Its Doors By Year’s End, Leave All Lawyers Jobless

Which firm will be shuttering all of its offices for good?

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    Honorary ERISA Hottie: Jim Telfer

    As we mentioned when announcing the nominees, we received many more ERISA hotties than we were able to include in our contest (which ends tomorrow). We also received a number of excellent submissions after the close of nominations. As we explained to those who submitted belated nominations, we adopted a bright-line rule of no late […]

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    Liza With a “Z” — and a “VD,” Too

    We’ve always had a great deal of affection for boozy chanteuse Liza Minnelli. Why? Check out this surprisingly eloquent squib from her Wikipedia bio: Minnelli’s work in Cabaret molded her popular image, from the black helmet of hair and extravagant eyelashes that have remained her visual trademark to the perception among many that she shares […]

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    Musical Chairs: 09.11.06

    Here are the highlights from the latest collection of job moves: New Firms: * Eve Rachel Markewich and Lawrence Rosenstock are leaving Blank Rome’s New York office to set up their own shop, to be called Markewich and Rosenstock. They will focus on Surrogate’s Court and general commercial litigation. Markewich was an unsuccessful candidate for […]

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    Lawsuit of the Day: Diddy or Didn’t He?

    Over the years, rap impresario Sean Combs has tried on monikers like designer sneakers. He’s gone by “Puffy,” “Puff Daddy” (our personal favorite), “P. Diddy,” and, most recently, “Diddy.” But on the other side of the pond, Sean Combs will have to find another nonsensical name to call himself. From the BBC: Rap star Sean […]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 09.08.06

    * Larry Sonsini reminds us of why we should use the phone, and NOT email, if we’re going to do something sketchy. Also, his spelling and typing skills aren’t perfect. (But by the standards of Biglaw partners of his generation, he’s in the 95th percentile — assuming he typed this all himself.) [WSJ Law Blog] […]

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    Why Didn’t He Just Brandish His Gavel?

    The legal world has its own version of the saying “The customer is always right.” It’s a rule that litigators are quite familiar with: “The judge is always right.” The rule holds true even if you’re a government employee, performing one of the duties of your job, and the judge chases after you with a […]

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    Musical Chairs: 09.08.06

    Lots of job changes to report today. We’ve reviewed them, so you don’t have to. Here are the highlights: In House Counsel: * AIG, the troubled insurance giant, has named Anastasia Kelly as its general counsel and senior regulatory and compliance officer. Kelly is no stranger to choppy waters, having previously served as GC of […]

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    ERISA Hotties: When the Polls Will Close

    Our ERISA Hotties Contest is definitely steaming up the windows at pension law offices around the country. Our email inbox is overflowing with ERISA erotica. Apparently, many of you want to engage in some “prohibited transactions” with our bevy of ERISA beauties… (If you haven’t done so already, you can vote on the ERISA women […]

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