Eat Mor Chikin', Your Honor?

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Disgraced Former Judge Now Working At Chick-fil-A

This “notorious @$$hole” now spends her time clearing tables at a fast-food joint.

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    Sheppard Mullin’s New Practice Group: FAT Law?

    This post has nothing to do with the morbidly obese (which we recently learned is a medical term, not a colorful insult). In fact, they should probably hang a sign out reading, “Fat people need not apply.” “They” refers to Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, which is launching an exciting new practice group: the Fashion […]

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    Vote Ann Althouse for Grande Conservative Blogress Diva

    We love contests, and we love divas. So of course we couldn’t resist this poll. An interesting line-up of nominees. We’re surprised that Michelle Malkin and Kathryn Lopez/K-Lo, both of whom have cult followings, aren’t doing better. We endorse Professor Althouse — and not just because she’s the most law-oriented blogger in the mix. Why […]

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    Associate Bonus Watch: Kirkland & Ellis

    The latest bonus news comes from Kirkland & Ellis. Like Wachtell, K&E is sui generis. Kirkland associate bonuses are individualized, rather than lockstep by class, so they’re harder to get a handle on. As alluded to by this comment, there’s a Magic Table — closely guarded, not even seen by the firm’s (non-share) partners — […]

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  • Law Professors, Law Schools, Lunacy, Weirdness

    More on the Attorney General in the Emory Law Library

    We have a weakness for the ridiculous and bizarre. So we’re finding ourselves quite taken with all these tales of law school library strangeness. Here’s an update on yesterday’s item about the “attorney general of the United States,” at the Emory Law School library: The “attorney general” was a homeless guy that wandered around the […]

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