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Mayflower Hotel exterior Above the Law blog.jpgWe just came back from meeting a friend for drinks at the Mayflower Hotel, here in Washington, DC. We expressed a desire to see the door of the infamous room where New York Governor Eliot Spitzer got it on with that high-class hooker, “Kristen.” But we’d heard, on the radio, that the hotel had stationed a guard on the eighth floor, to prevent gawkers from walking past the notorious room 871 (just as travelers have besieged the Minneapolis airport bathroom made famous by Senator Larry Craig).
As it turned out, we were in luck. Our friend was staying at the Mayflower — on the eighth floor, conveniently enough. So we were able to make our way up there without any problem.
When we got up there, we didn’t see a guard; perhaps the guard was removed after the initial frenzy died down. But we did notice the hotel had removed the “871″ nameplate, presumably to prevent scandal-tourists like ourselves from taking photographs of it.
Correction: It appears that the “871″ room number wasn’t removed by the hotel, but was stolen.
So all we can give you are photos of (1) the door to room no. 871, and (2) the marks where the nameplate used to be. Check them out, after the jump.

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* Before they were famous: a portrait of Eliot Spitzer and Jim Cramer as young men. [Dealbreaker]
* In case you’re not yet tired of talking about Obama’s tax plan. [TaxProf Blog]
* Request for supplemental briefing? “If one child can have two mothers, or two fathers, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, can one law be defended by two state officials?” [Legal Pad]
* Lawyer of the Day? If the allegations are true, she saved her client from the folly of buying Miami condos. [Daily Business Review]
* Some legal documents “are so poorly written – full of ambiguities, inconsistencies, ‘circular references’ and worse, contradictions – that many investors, trustees and respective legal advisors do not know how to interpret them.” Which is precisely why they need to hire $600-an-hour lawyers. [Financial Times (subscription)]

tongue Eliot Spitzer ass butt rim job rimming Above the Law blog.jpgHere’s the latest crazy Eliot Spitzer rumor we’ve heard. In the past few days, there has been a torrent of Spitzer coverage, so we apologize if it has surfaced elsewhere. But we don’t recall coming across this tidbit already, and our Google News and Technorati searches for “spitzer lick” came up… clean.
This comes from a reliable ATL tipster, whose true identity is known to us, and who has given us good info in the past. But the tipster is two degrees removed from the young woman who allegedly interacted with Governor Spitzer, so apply whatever gossip discount factor you deem appropriate. Here it is:

[A friend of a friend is] a Swiss-Brazilian girl who went to D.C. to f**k Spitzer over the summer. Apparently he’s been up to this for awhile.

Apparently, his dirty request is for girls to lick his ass. Which seems peculiarly apropos. And he wanted to get his wife in on the action. My friend thought his wife might have known, but wasn’t sure.

Sounds pretty incredible, right? But the notion of New York’s governor patronizing prostitutes would have sounded pretty incredible too, prior to Monday. If you can buy the notion of a sitting governor hiring hookers, why can’t you imagine him sitting on their faces?
Also, our source claims to have heard about it three weeks ago, well before the scandal became public. At the time, he says, he “thought it was bogus.” Little did he know.
It’s hard to believe that Governor Spitzer thought he could keep his patronage of prostitutes secret for long, given his political prominence. As we heard someone quip on a talk radio show a few days ago, “Does he really believe that prostitutes don’t read newspapers?”
Update: Comment of the day:

The tipster forgot to mention that he made the girls wear AIG T-Shirts when they had to slobber up.

Posted by: silda wall | March 13, 2008 03:31 PM

Edwards Angell Palmer Dodge Above the Law Legal Blog.JPGAs we previously mentioned, former executive Anthony Ciolli has sued a number of individuals involved in the AutoAdmit lawsuit (originally Doe v. Ciolli). In his complaint (PDF), he claims that the defendants caused him to lose his job offer at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge in Boston.
But maybe Ciolli should be thankful he’s not at Edwards Angell right now. We hear the environment over there is less than peachy, characterized by tension and anxiety similar to what preceded the associate layoffs at Cadwalader and Dechert. From one source:

You may want to keep an eye on EAP&D today. There are rumors of a departure of one of the firm’s high-powered partners yesterday and that some associates may be axed.

And from a second:

Layoff rumors have been circulating for a week now. Word on the street is they’re going to let go several (dozen) associates later this week. Management has not addressed the rumors, but both partners and associates hear it is indeed going to happen.

If Edwards Angell axes associates, expect it to come tomorrow. It’s always best to break bad news on a Friday afternoon (which is when word of the Dechert layoffs got out).
If you have inside info, please email us. We have a call in to the firm; if and when they get back to us, we’ll let you know. Thanks.
Update: We hear, through the grapevine, that partners at EAPD have accused ATL “of being rife with inaccuracies.” We gave the firm the chance to comment on the rumors, but heard not a peep. We’re happy to correct any alleged inaccuracies if the firm ever provides us with information.

Denise Gitsham K&L Gates The Bachelor Above the Law blog.jpgWhen law students are choosing among law firms, they inquire into such predictable things. What’s the firm’s billable hour requirement? How is work distributed? What about pro bono? For lawyers involved in recruiting, it must get boring to have to answer the same questions over and over again.
So law students, next time you interview with a firm, ask about something that really matters: What is the firm’s policy towards associates who want to participate in reality television shows?
Is the firm supportive of such endeavors? Can I take a leave of absence for the show’s filming, and then return in good standing? If so, will my year-end bonus get prorated?
As it turns out, Biglaw shops take different approaches to reality TV. It was rumored that Sidley Austin was none too pleased when associate David Otunga decided to participate in I Love New York 2 (and he is no longer at the firm). As for his performance on the show, the Harvard Law School grad made it to the final three, before losing to “Buddha” and “Tailor Made.”
K&L Gates Kirkpatrick Lockhart Preston Gates Ellis Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgContrast Sidley’s reaction to that of K&L Gates. The firm allowed an associate in its Washington office — the highly attractive Denise Gitsham, 30, a recent Georgetown Law grad and former Bush aide — to take leave to be on “The Bachelor.” Now it welcomes her back with open arms. From an email recently sent around by D.C.-based partner Mark Ruge:


This Monday, at 9:30 p.m. on ABC, is the season premier of the hit television show, The Bachelor. (“The Bachelor” is the nation’s highest-rated reality TV show in the 18-45 female demographic group. It is now entering its 12th season on network television.)

Believe it or not, one of the contestants this season will be our own associate Denise Gitsham, who was away “on location” during much of February. Here is a link to the show’s web site and Denise’s bio:

Denise’s name, photo, and bio were submitted to the show by her cousin, and Denise was selected to be one of the show’s 25 bachelorettes out of more than 12,000 applicants. She was under extreme confidentiality requirements during her adventure (and still is to some degree). At least now, though, she is free to admit what she was doing during her mysterious leave in February.

Just thought you would like to know…


K&L Gates lawyers: if you need to send something to Denise via intra-office mail, the delivery should be accompanied by a rose. Thanks.
P.S. We can’t find Denise Gitsham on the firm website (although we did find a “Denise Stiffarm” in Seattle). We’re guessing that Denise has been too busy filming The Bachelor to fill out all that pesky bar admission paperwork.
Update: Denise Gitsham is now on the K&L Gates website.
Denise Gitsham bio [The Bachelor]

New Mexico is on a roll. It’s a relatively small state, at least in terms of population (#36), but it brings us two consecutive Judges of the Day. Our most recent Judge of the Day — or, technically, Ex-Judge of the Day — was John Brennan of Albuquerque, accused of choking his young girlfriend, while clad in nothing but a mock turtleneck and gray underwear. Today a tipster writes:

What is it about Judges in the Land of Enchantment? When they’re not high on coke or beating muggers (or their domestic partners), they are fixing tickets for family and friends!

From the Albuquerque Journal (subscription):

A Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court judge who fixed two dozen traffic tickets for family members, friends and co-workers was removed from the bench Wednesday by the state Supreme Court.

The state’s highest court chose a harsher punishment than the Judicial Standards Commission, which recommended that Judge J. Wayne Griego be suspended without pay for 90 days and reprimanded for ticket-fixing.

It does seem a trifle harsh. Apparently the justices were troubled by the commission’s finding that Griego was “not completely forthcoming in his testimony.” But removal is not a punishment meted out frequently:

The court last ordered a judge removed in late 2006, when Doña Ana County Magistrate Carlos Garza was banned from the bench after the commission said he had tested positive for cocaine.

Judge Griego Is Removed From Bench [Albuquerque Journal (subscription)]

Silda Wall Spitzer Harvard Law School Career Transitions Above the Law blog.jpgOkay, maybe not any more. Since her husband Eliot Spitzer’s prostitution scandal erupted on Monday, the First Lady of New York, Silda Wall Spitzer, has been canceling her public appearances. And even though Harvard Law School is her alma mater — and where she met her husband, although maybe that’s not a plus for her these days — we’re guessing it won’t be an exception to the rule.
Some background, from an HLS tipster:

Harvard Law School is having its first annual celebration of public interest [from March 13 to 15; see poster at right]. It looks like there will be some great talks.One still on the local advertising is Silda Wall Spitzer titled “Career Transitions.”

No joke. In an email sent out by the Office of Career Services on February 29, Mrs. Spitzer’s talk on “Career Transitions” was eagerly touted as a “New Addition!” to the program. It was scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, March 14. Hearing Silda Spitzer speak on “Career Transitions” would be oddly apropos, given that her husband is “transitioning” out of the Governor’s Mansion on Monday.
Speaking of “Career Transitions,” we’d love to see the highly accomplished Silda Wall Spitzer take a page from the Hillary Clinton playbook, and parlay her status as wounded wife into a political career of her own. Any thoughts on what office she might run for? If Hillary wins the presidency, could Silda Spitzer replace her in the United States Senate?
The full email promoting the celebration, and touting Silda Spitzer’s talk on “Career Transitions,” appears after the jump.

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More Scandals at Greenberg Traurig

Greenberg Traurig logo Above the Law blog.gifTroubles continue for Greenberg Traurig, the former home of disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The firm itself has just been indicted on Abramoff-related allegations. Sure, it’s in Guam, but still — an indictment is an indictment (and an indictment of the firm, not just current or former employees). See links below for more details.
In addition, we’ve been hearing interesting things about Paul Alter, a former co-managing partner of the firm, based in the New York office. His bio has been pulled from the Greenberg Traurig website, and nobody has seen him around the office lately.
There are all sorts of juicy rumors going around about the reasons for his departure. We have an inquiry into the firm but have not yet heard back from them. If you have information, please email us. Thanks.
Miami law firm indicted in Guam [Miami Herald]
Greenberg Traurig Indicted in Guam [ABA Journal]

So far this week, we’ve asked you whether you would want to work in a different city and whether, knowing what you know now, you would still want to work where you do.
In today’s ATL / Lateral Link survey, we ask you a related question: if you could go to any other firm, who would you choose?
[Update: This survey is now closed. Click here for the results.]
We’ll report results from this week’s surveys next week, and will update our clerkship, maternity leave, and paternity leave charts as well, so please keep those tips coming. (Thanks, by the way, to the commenter who noted the $50K/$70K clerkship bonus at Ropes. That’s actually only true in New York, but I’ll update the chart to reflect it. And a shout-out to JDBliss for noting the paternity leave survey recently.)

Justin Bernold is a Director at Lateral Link, the sponsor of this survey.

Geraldine Ferraro Geraldine Anne Ferraro Above the Law blog.jpg* Geraldine Ferraro leaves Clinton campaign after making remarks about Obama, some of which may have been either exaggerated by others or exaggerations by her. You decide: “Any time anybody does anything that in any way pulls this campaign down and says let’s address reality and the problems we’re facing in this world, you’re accused of being racist.” and “they’re attacking me because I’m white. How’s that?” [CNN]
* Child advocates oppose naming of Abercrombie and Fitch children’s hospital wing. [CNN]
* Huge mafia man released from prison due to obesity. [MSNBC]
* Plaintiff seeks dismissal of domestic violence case against Randy Moss. [ESPN]

Shame on you, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman. Earlier this week, we promised our readers that we’d be writing about your cute little firm video. But when we tried to access the video just now on YouTube, via Legal Pad, we got this:
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman video Above the Law blog.jpg
For those of you who never got to watch the PWSP video, it was described pretty well over at Legal Pad, “smooth jazz” and all. But we regret not being able to add our two cents. We were looking forward to describing the archival photographs of sweaty, shirtless men, featured in the “history” section of the talk, as well as to deploying this line: “I’m not just the firm chairman, I’m also a client.” Sadly, that last quip is useless without the video evidence, since you can no longer witness for yourself the uncanny similarities between Jim Rishwain’s demeanor and Sy Sperling’s.
But don’t worry, Pillsbury peeps; we don’t take it personally. We’re used to having the videos we write about yanked from YouTube. See, e.g., here (University of Miami 1L modeling montage), here (Quinn Emanuel recruiting video featuring sexy associate “Ivy”), here (Harvard Law School parody), and here (Columbia Law Revue).
Jim Rishwain’s Good Answer [Legal Pad / Cal Law]

Kristen 2 Eliot Spitzer Ashley Youmans Ashley Alexandra Dupre Above the Law blog.JPGIn honor of Eliot Spitzer’s announced resignation as governor of New York, we bring you this special edition of Non-Sequiturs: a collection of links all related to Governor Spitzer — yes, technically he’s governor until Monday the 17th — and his spectacular sex scandal.
* As we can see from comments on other posts, many of you have already discovered her. But in case you haven’t, meet Ashley Alexandra Dupre (née Ashley Youmans), aka — or dba? — “Kristen.” [New York Times ("I just don’t want to be thought of as a monster."); MySpace (profile, with music samples); (screencap of her Emperors Club profile, with redactions); The Smoking Gun (photos)]
(The NYT piece mentions that Kristen’s billing rate at the Emperors Club was $1,000 an hour — on a par with these legal titans, partners at major law firms who are leaders in their fields. She’s more expensive than the famed David Boies, who charges $800 per hour.)
* Professor Rick Hills considers the federalism implications of a Mann Act prosecution against Eliot Spitzer. [PrawfsBlawg]
* What should Eliot Spitzer do now? Some might say: Go to Disney World! But a better fit might be Miami, as Jim Oliphant explains. [The Swamp / Chicago Tribune]
* It was only a matter of time before “Client #9″ spawned a T-shirt line. [Cafe Press]
* Remember the old term “Spitzerism”? Feel free to suggest alternative definitions for it now. [BeldarBlog]
* Maybe we should be rooting for Governor Spitzer: he tried to place himself “above the law.” [The Yin Blog]

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