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100 dollar bill Above the Law Above the Law law firm salary legal blog legal tabloid Above the Law.JPGThe LIST OF SHAME is shrinking, albeit slowly.
We were down to eight firms as of last Friday morning. Then we learned about Baker Hostetler matching market. And today we get this associate pay raise news (from a verified source at the firm):

You can remove Fulbright & Jaworski from the List of Shame. We raised associate base salaries in the New York office to market today (retroactive to January 1, 2007). There was a meeting of all the associates so there is no memo or voicemail.

This leaves us with the following (ranked by Vault 100 numbers on the left, ’cause that’s how the list started out, but with AmLaw 100 numbers supplied parenthetically on the right):
43. Baker & McKenzie (3)
77. Bryan Cave (56)
82. Reed Smith (33)
83. Dorsey & Whitney (68)
86. McGuireWoods (65)
100. Seyfarth Shaw (66)
If any of these firms doesn’t belong, please email us, with supporting documentation (if any). Thanks.

law library librarians hot hottest hotties Above the Law legal blog.JPGThank you to everyone who voted in ATL’s Law Librarian Hotties contest. The first round of voting is now complete, and we have four finalists.
On the women’s side, our slate of thirteen fantastic nominees has been reduced to two worthy competitors:



And on the men’s side, we’ve whittled down a half-dozen nominees to one pair of hotties:



You can refresh your recollection about these hotties, and cast your vote in the runoff races, after the jump.

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Alison Maynard Allison Maynard Sunny Maynard Alison Sunny Maynard Above the Law blog.gifWhen we wrote about her amusing court filing earlier today, we redacted her name. But since she has shown that she has no problem with being identified, even going so far as to comment on our prior post, we’re happy to shout her name from the blogospheric rooftops: ALISON MAYNARD.
Alison Maynard, who ran unsuccessfully for Colorado Attorney General as a Green Party candidate, is known in some circles as “Sunny” Maynard. And with her hilarious motion, Sunny Maynard has brightened the days of thousands of lawyers around the country.
This is why we’re naming her our Lawyer of the Day. Congratulations, Ms. Maynard!
For those of you who didn’t read our prior post, here’s the relevant excerpt from Maynard’s motion:
inebriation 2 excusable neglect drink drunk drinking motion Alison Maynard Allison Maynard Above the Law blog.JPG
In the hours since we posted it, we’ve been bombarded by several lengthy email screeds from Maynard. Because most of them contained the words “water rights” and “bill of costs,” they were initially banished to the “Boring Stuff” subfolder of our “Junk Mail” folder.
But we dutifully rescued them, and we even read them. Some excerpts, as well as links with biographical information about Alison Maynard, appear after the jump.

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Eric Krautheimer 2 Eric M Krautheimer Aaron Charney Sullivan & Cromwell Above the Law blog.jpgIn the continuing saga of Aaron Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell, there are two central “villians” (assuming you take Charney’s side — which is about 60 percent of you).
The first villian is Eric Krautheimer, the partner who allegedly made the “bend over” comment. The second is Alexandra Korry, the M&A queen who allegedly referred to Charney’s “unnatural” relationship with another male associate.
In the pages of ATL, we’ve seen extensive discussion of Alexandra Korry and her rumored personality quirks — but relatively little about Krautheimer. Some of you have chalked up this discrepancy to sexism.
We’d like to make things right. We’ve heard general statements to the effect that Krautheimer is “a nightmare to work for.” We’ve also heard “defenses” of his alleged conduct in Brokeback Lawfirm along these lines: “Krautheimer isn’t anti-gay. He’s just an a**hole — to everyone, gay or straight.”
So we KNOW there are stories out there, although we’ve received little in the way of specifics. We hereby request your tips about Eric Krautheimer, which you can send to us by email.
Here’s one little story that came our way:

An overworked associate went to see Eric Krautheimer. He wanted to quit because of brutally long hours. Eric’s response: “I don’t want to hear about it. I billed 3900 hours last year!”

We’re not surprised. Eric Krautheimer is many things, but he’s definitely not lazy. Over the past few weeks, in which Charney v. S&C has been hogging the headlines, Krautheimer has kept a low profile. He’s immersed himself in his work, doing what he does best: working on big deals.
We’re not that far into 2007, but Krautheimer has already handled some major matters. He was involved in the giant Vornado/Equity Office battle, and after his client walked away from that fight, he plunged himself to the Central Parking/KCPC Holdings transaction. (We hear about these things because we’re on the S&C deal distribution list.)
Perhaps Eric Krautheimer, since the start of Brokeback Lawfirm, has started treating his underlings with greater civility. But we’re sure there is some dirt out there, even if it’s old.
Please feel free to share it with us by email (subject: “Eric Krautheimer”). Thanks!
Earlier: Prior ATL coverage of Eric Krautheimer (scroll down)

Meet Adrienne (at right), a 22-year-old hottie from South Carolina — and a current student at Boston College Law School.

Adrienne graces the cover of the current issue of Barstool Sports. We are not familiar with this publication, but we are advised that it is “a prestigious biweekly magazine.”

In our opinion, the cover photograph isn’t even the best picture of this comely young lawyer-in-training. We think this shot and this one are both superior. To review Adrienne’s photo gallery for yourself, click here.

Adrienne — who will be making an appearance next Thursday, March 15, from 9 to 11 p.m., at an establishment called “Whiskey’s” — is studying for a JD. But based on her interview, it sounds like she’s also pursuing her MRS….

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Kristina Daugirdas and Nicholas Bagley made a valiant effort in our Couple of the Month contest. Over time, they narrowed the gap between themselves and the leading couple considerably.
But in the end, it wasn’t enough — especially since the leading couple, which started off and remained in the lead throughout the contest, included a sitting federal appeals court judge:
ATL poll results January 2007 Couple of the Month Jon O Newman Jon Newman Above the Law Blog.jpg
Congratulations to ATL’s newest couple of the month: Ann Leventhal and (the Honorable) Jon Newman!!!
Update: In response to this question, the answer is “no.”
A couple that includes a Supreme Court clerk has lost before in Couple of the Month voting (although not in the weekly Legal Eagle Wedding Watch ratings). Lori Alvino and Matt McGill did not prevail in the October 2006 Couple of the Month competition.
Earlier: Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: January 2007 Couple of the Month
To read past editions of Legal Eagle Wedding Watch, click here, and scroll down.

inebriation 3 lawyer attorney drink drunk drinking excusable neglect motion 1.JPG

In case you’re wondering about the outcome, our tipster states: “Amazingly, the Judge granted the motion.”

We contacted the attorney responsible for this court filing, to verify its authenticity. She responded: “Can I ask what your interest is, please, and how you acquired these?”

We’re taking that as a “Yes, they’re authentic.” We gave the lawyer in question an opportunity to deny authenticity — or to deny her use of a smiley-face emoticon in a court document — and she did not.

We responded to her message, explaining that they were forwarded to us by tipsters (whose identities we always keep confidential, unless they request otherwise).

In her next email, she had a little more to say. We reprint her comments after the jump.

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* Is he a journalist? Well, he’s done the time, so let’s give him credit for the crime. [Washington Post via How Appealing]
* It’s for a slightly different reason this time, but the U.S. still self-righteously refuses to run for seat on the UN Human Rights Council. [Jurist]
* I’m not sure I’d even put a mop in her hand; this woman is dangerous. [CNN]
* Hagel to announce ’08 plans. [AP via Yahoo!]
* I’ve heard of someone getting “killed” in court, but it’s usually a metaphor. [WSJ Law Blog]

Okay, so those BU bagels are off-limits. But there are other options:
breakfast Sullivan & Cromwell S&C University of Michigan Above the Law blog.jpg
Is S&C going on a bagels-and-danish charm offensive, in light of the recent PR troubles caused by Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell? Our source raises this possibilty:

As an alumnus, I received this from the lgbt law students’ listserv. I don’t recall S&C ever having any events at Michigan before the actual interview season started….

I just wonder if it is a coincidence (i.e., consistent with past practices and/or scheduled before the lawsuit), or if it’s an attempt at damage control in their recruitment efforts.

If you have thoughts on this — or if you were able to attend the Michigan breakfast (it was yesterday) — we’d love to hear from you.

(We’re filling in today for Stella Q, who has more pressing — and billable — matters to attend to.)
* Super-needy partners are the worst to work for. We knew of one partner who would summon an associate from another floor to retrieve a document from her printer and bring it in to her — because she couldn’t be bothered to stand up, walk outside to her secretary’s station, and get it herself. (This was after hours, and her secretary was gone.) [New York Times]
* Barack Obama draws on Tribe-al support — from Laurence Tribe, that is, and the Harvard Law School mafia. We still feel bad for poor, betrayed Hillary. [New York Observer]
* While we’re on the subject of ’08, check it out: election lawyers are in demand. Who says popular specialties have to be boring? [Politico]
* ATL Public Service Announcement: If you didn’t file your 2003 tax return, and are owed a refund, you need to act fast — or kiss that money good-bye. [TaxProf Blog]
* Brokeback Lawfirm continues to get play on the other side of the pond. []

In response to our coverage of “Sectiongate” up at Harvard Law School, one commenter wrote:

To see how dumb this topic is, imagine replacing “Harvard” with “Boston University.”

Yes, that would be dumb. Because Boston University School of Law has its own stupid pseudo-scandal, and it’s not Sectiongate. Say hello to… Bagelgate!!!

bagels New York bagels cream cheese Above the Law blog.jpgDate: Tue, 6 Mar 2007 17:24:00 -0500
From: BU Law Student Affairs
Reply-To: BU Law Student Affairs
Subject: Journal issue
To: [1L, 2L and 3L classes at BU]

Dear Students,

We wanted to ask your help with an issue that may seem minor but is causing understandable frustration. Our law journals often collect dues from the members for certain things such as refreshments for the morning since they spend so much time in the journal offices putting out the journal books.

Unfortunately, one of the journals which has an office in room 545 has noticed that often students who are not journal members find their way into the office and take refreshments that the journal members have purchased with their journal dues for journal members. This may reflect a misunderstanding on non-journal members’ parts, in that students might think the school is paying for the refreshments.

However, that is not the case — they are paid for out of journal member dues and are only for the journal members. We greatly appreciate your assistance in refraining from going into the journal offices and partaking of refreshments that are for the journal members and paid for by their dues.

Many thanks!

In other words: Thank You For Not Stealing.
Before some of you start railing against the caste system that unfairly separates law review members from the rest of the class — showering the former with lucrative law firm jobs, coveted clerkships, and free breakfast food, while shafting the latter — we should note that the bagel-raid victim was not THE law journal, i.e., the Boston University Law Review. We’re told it was the Journal of Science and Technology Law.
So there is no broader social lesson to be drawn here — other than that law students like free bagels.
(We realize that Bagelgate, like Sectiongate, is “dumb” — and that’s why we like it. We have a weakness for the ridiculous, the petty, and the inane — especially when law schools are involved. See, e.g., the mystery smell in the NYU Law library, and the sex-in-the-stacks scandal at Washington University Law School.)

Donald Trump 2 You're Fired Above the Law blog.GIFEarlier this week, we wrote:

Despite the catchy and provocative title we’ve bestowed upon this story, we must confess: We don’t completely “get” the quasi-scandal surrounding the dismissal of eight U.S. Attorneys around the country.

Well, after reading your informative comments, and in light of subsequent revelations, we’re beginning to get it. The Democrats are having a field day with this — and one can hardly blame them.
More discussion after the jump.

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