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* It’s not quite union enough. It’s semi-union. It’s quasi-union. It’s the margarine of unions. It’s the Diet Coke of unions; just one calorie, not union enough. [New York Times via How Appealing]
* Judge in Spector trial apparently likes to party. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Thomas writes an opinion! Kennedy is once again the swing vote in a 5-4 decision. [U.S . Supreme Court (PDF)]
* Deportes Perros Update: Buchanan denies alleged comments about Vick. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
* Bush listens to the Supreme Court. [Jurist]

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich Rosati WSGR Above the Law blog.JPGAlong the lines of Heller Ehrman’s recent announcement, here’s another pseudo-raise from a West Coast firm. Earlier this afternoon, a source at Wilson Sonsini informed us:

A memo will be distributed later today with the details, but we received a VM a few minutes ago. Essentially, there will be “raises” to match market in places where there has been movement. This is defined as DC, CA, TX. NYC was already at $160k.

BUT the raise will be “mitigated” by an offset in the bonus structure. Also, Seattle and Salt Lake City are excluded from the “raise.”

The memo, which a second source at the firm verified for us, appears after the jump.

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Paul McNulty Paul J McNulty Above the Law blog.jpegFor departure. For Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, his last day at the Department of Justice will be in not-too-distant future. He announced his intention to resign earlier today.
But he won’t be leaving the DOJ as abruptly as, say, Monica Goodling. He’ll stick around for a few more months:

McNulty, who has served 18 months as the Justice Department’s second-in-command, announced his plans at a closed-door meeting of U.S. attorneys in San Antonio, according to two senior department aides. He said he will remain at the department until this fall or until the Senate approves a successor, the aides said.

(It’s nice to know that we were actually right about something. But then again, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.)
Justice Department Official Resigning, Aides Say [Associated Press]
Earlier: Paul McNulty: On His Way Out?

* The annals of teacher shenanigans, Part I. I would have crapped in my pants, that’s for sure. []
* The annals of teacher shenanigans, Part II. Compare and contrast. [MSN Movies]
* For your frequent blog posters or fountains of legal knowledge, perhaps you might want to redirect your energy to this new Wiki for Lawyers. [Concurring Opinions]
* Was there no action more affirmative than Dubya landing at Yale or JFK, Jr. at Brown? I don’t know about the chances of non-presidential political offspring though. [BlackProf]
* Good news…but please liberate L&O from its Orthodox Jew-discriminating Friday night timeslot. [Gothamist]

Sigh. Guess we got a little lax in our factchecking around here (i.e., not doing it at all, since it had been a while since anyone bothered to put together a fake memo).
The purported Much Shelist memo that we posted earlier appears to be a fake. Sorry, Chicago.
If anyone has a real memo to send us, please do so. But the lag time between our receiving memos and posting them will undoubtedly increase going forward, due to pranks like this one. Thanks.

Spanking the Monkey H Dewain Herring Above the Law blog.gifWe meant to link to this amusing story last Friday. Unfortunately, between salary coverage and entertaining visitors at our office hours, it fell through the cracks.
Anyway, to find out why H. Dewain Herring, Esq., currently on trial for murder, is ATL’s Lawyer of Last Friday, click here. You’ll be treated to the story of a prosecution featuring “salacious themes of lap dances, drug use and public nakedness.”
Herring’s defense: accidental discharge. Which, to be sure, happens all the time in strip clubs.
To pique your interest, here’s an excerpt from the trial transcript, courtesy of a source on the ground in Columbia, South Carolina:

q. and when you entered the champagne room he was masturbating, right?
a. yes, he was spanking that monkey
q. and when you entered, he saw you and kept masturbating.
a. yes, he kept on spanking that thing.
q. kept on spanking it, ok…

If he were still on the bench, and if this had happened in Oklahoma rather than South Carolina, we know the perfect judge for this trial.
Defense Stresses Lack of Intent [The State]

Much Shelist Denenberg Ament & Rubinstein Above the Law blog.jpgHere’s a recent message from a Chicago-based reader:

I’ve got a suggestion for a post. How about one on the Chicago market?

NYC, done. L.A. is pretty much set. DC looks like it’s headed to 160.

But what about Chicago? I think a post along the lines of whether Chicago is going to take a back seat as a lower tier legal market, or match the LA/DC markets, would generate a lot of interest/traffic/comments.

Ok, just my two cents. The stuff on the compensation has been great! Keep up the good work.

We agree with this commenter. There’s no longer much excitement to covering Los Angeles, which is “pretty much set,” and Washington, DC, which will surely settle at $160K (even if some firms drag their feet about it, to save themselves a few weeks’ worth of higher salaries).
But “flyover country” — basically, Chicago and Texas (which we’ll cover in a subsequent post) — is a big question mark. Will these markets match the big money of the East Coast, and retain their status as major legal markets? Or will they fade into regional obscurity, unable to draw the same legal talent as their more flush coastal counterparts?
The big Chicago shops haven’t budged on associate salaries in their home offices. But one Windy City boutique, Much Shelist, isn’t going down without a fight. Last week they raised all of their offices — including their home office, in Chicago — to the $160K scale. The memo appears after the jump.
UPDATE/CORRECTION: The purported Much Shelist memo that appears after the jump is a FAKE.

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No, this has nothing to do with Bill Clinton. We’re talking about the other Monica — former Justice Department lawyer Monica Goodling, one of our favorite personalities here at ATL.
Over the weekend, the New York Times published the best article we’ve read in a long, long time. Check it out (annotations ours):
You Have a Monica Problem Monica Goodling Monica M Goodling.jpg
Now this is the point in the post where we should start highlighting the best parts of Eric Lipton’s article, followed by mildly snarky quips. But the entire piece is so delicious that it would be wrong to pick out excerpts. Please read the whole thing for yourself, by clicking here.
Okay, are you done? Great. Discussion continues after the jump.

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Patterson Belknap Webb Tyler LLP Above the Law blog.jpgThe latest firm to raise its clerkship bonuses: Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler. From a current clerk:

I have an offer from Patterson Belknap and I just received an email informing me that their bonus is 50K.

Keep up the good work.

To people with two clerkships or two years of clerking experience: no, we don’t know whether Patterson’s $50,000 clerkship bonus is “flat,” or whether they pay more for more than one clerkship year. If you have an offer from Patterson and are in this boat, please contact the firm and find out what their policy is. And then tell your friends here at ATL. Thanks!

* Padilla trial set to open. [AP via How Appealing]
* Heck of a plea bargain. [CNN]
* Will they sue like Imus? [BBC News]
* Deportes Perros: former teammate says Vick likes dog fighting. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
* Immigration reform: enforcement through local xenophobia. [Jurist]

100 dollar bill Above the Law Above the Law law firm salary legal blog legal tabloid Above the Law.JPGPlease treat this post as a weekend open thread for discussion of associate pay raises, clerkship bonuses, or anything else that strikes your fancy.
There are a million things we want (and need) to write about. But we have a fairly full weekend planned, in terms of non-ATL-related activities. So you might not hear from us until Monday — unless Alberto Gonzales resigns, or New York firms raise to $200K (neither of which is happening anytime soon).
In recent weeks, current and future Biglaw associates have expressed gratitude to Above the Law for helping to increase their compensation. Even though we know ATL has a few influential readers — managing partners, hiring partners, and recruitment coordinators at top firms (we’ll keep them nameless) — we think our influence is exaggerated.
Nevertheless, some of you do believe that ATL deserves some credit for putting more dollars in your pocket. And some of you have asked us, in emails and in comments, what you can do to give back to this site.
All we ask is that you keep on reading Above the Law (and encourage everyone you know to read it as well). But if you’d like to do more, some suggestions appear after the jump.

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* If you’re a summer, I can only assume you’re an adult and in possession of basic common sense; so really, I can only emphasize tip #6, in work and in life. [The Conglomerate]
* Ah, NYC, city of contradictions! Trader Joe’s insists on carding an alcohol purchaser’s girlfriend, while the underaged continue to smoke, drink and roam free everywhere else. [Racked New York]
* District Attorneys always have bigger fish to fry. [Yahoo! News]
* As many summer programs start up this Monday, a little perspective–it takes just a little thoughtfulness and a few days’ salary to fulfill the dream of a beloved [any peripheral character in your daily life]. So do not whine when skipping a summer lunch for City Harvest or weeding a community garden in the name of Biglaw self-righteousness. [The News & Observer]
* And in honor of Mother’s Day–please don’t forget to send flowers–be grateful that you were blessed with your loving yet often infuriating mother instead of her, her or her. But also be sad that quirky mother-daughter drama Gilmore Girls has its series finale this Tuesday.
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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