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Mike Wallace Michael Wallace Michael B Wallace Phelps Dunbar Fifth Circuit.JPGVia How Appealing, of course (because who else besides us and Howard Bashman is blogging right now):
1. Controversial Fifth Circuit nominee Michael Wallace (at right), a member of the Elect (Rehnquist/OT 1977) who was still rated “unqualified” by the ABA, will ask President Bush to withdraw his nomination next week.
This is a smart and gracious move by Wallace, which will allow the White House to save some face. Since Wallace couldn’t even get confirmed in the Republican-controlled 109th Congress, his chances of confirmation in the 110th Congress would have been next to nil.
Manuel Real Manuel L Real Manuel Lawrence Real Judge.jpg2. Disciplinary sanctions may be imposed upon Judge Manuel Real (C.D. Cal.), the Los Angeles federal judge accused of improperly intervening in a bankruptcy case to rescue a damsel probationer in distress (Deborah Canter, routinely described in news accounts as “a comely female”).
Ladies and gentlemen, chivalry is officially dead. What’s the point of being “a comely female” if you can’t get favorable treatment from the federal courts?
Judge Real has appealed the censure ruling of the Ninth Circuit Judicial Council to the Judicial Conference of the United States. It’s not clear when they will rule.
Judicial hopeful steps aside [Clarion-Ledger]
Michael B. Wallace bio [Phelps Dunbar]
Web error reveals censure of U.S. judge [Los Angeles Times]
Manuel L. Real bio [FJC]

* Would it be a violation of civil liberties if a tracking device were inserted in these videos? [MSNBC]
* The most atrocious example of uncivil campus behavior to me? Loud coitus. We can hear you, even when it doesn’t take place in the library. [Balkinization]
* In her defense, this fraudster probably spared another inmate from a night or two of uninvited Oz love. [AP via Yahoo!]
* With the holidays upon us, and the office holiday parties behind us, here’s a cautionary tale that thankfully does not end with our young DA screaming, “Don’t you know who I am? You wouldn’t dare arrest Sam Waterston!” [New York Post]
* Caroling would only make sense if your neighbors are Clive Davis, Timbaland, Phil Spector or maybe Simon Cowell. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
* And one last example of how the holidays are tarnished by some dubious judgment. But with the prospect of a succulent-tasting bird, can you blame management? [Washington Post]

Christmas presents.jpgNot done with your holiday shopping yet? Stumped about what to get for all those special lawyers in your life?
Howard Bashman has some ideas. So does Paul Caron (scroll down).
And, of course, don’t forget to check out Illegal Briefs. Their motto? “Be a lawyer. Don’t dress like one.” (Thanks to commenter Peter for the tip.)
From an in-house lawyer, here’s one Christmas present that was not particularly appreciated:

While my office has been flooded with good and bad holiday gifts from law firms, the award for most pretentious goes to Pilsbury Winthrop. A block of chocolate with the firm’s name etched in it, with bad ad copy describing it as the finest Belgian chocolate…

An In-House Tipster

When we were at a law firm, we got all sorts of random gifts: a Tiffany money clip from an outside photocopying service, a coffee table book from a court reporting company, a case of wine from a client (that was our favorite).
Feel free to share your best and worst holiday gifts in the comments.
Gift Ideas for the Appellate Lawyer on Your Holiday Shopping List [ via How Appealing]
Christmas Gifts for that Special Tax Person [TaxProf Blog]

stack of bills cash money.jpgThe British firm’s New York office announced market bonuses — except for the class of 2006, who got slightly above-market bonuses of $11,000 (or $35,000 prorated).
Biglaw associates: If you haven’t already done so, please take our bonus poll. Thanks!
Earlier: Prior ATL coverage of bonuses (scroll down)

The Duke lacrosse team rape charges were dropped.
The timing isn’t surprising. This is the just the sort of news you break on the Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend.
But the three lacrosse players still face sexual assault and kidnapping charges.
Rape Charges Dropped in Duke Case [Associated Press]

Harold Koh Harold Hongju Koh Harold H Koh Yale Law School Above the Law.jpgWe received an interesting tip last week from a Yale Law School source:

I thought you might be interested in this email, which just went out to the Yale Federalist Society email list. It seems you may have struck some fear into Harold Koh with your recent coverage of his ideological tendencies.

Here’s the email (which we were asked not to publish until after the meeting in question had taken place):

From: Eugene Nardelli, Jr.
Date: Dec 13, 2006 4:52 PM
Subject: Fed Soc: Lunch With Dean Koh
To: [Yale Federalist Society mailing list]


This Tuesday, the 19th, Dean Koh will be hosting lunch with some of our members. Lunch will take place from 12:30 to 1:30 or so in the Dean’s office. Dean Koh has called this meeting for the the specific purpose of giving an opportunity for students to voice their concerns, if any, about the way the school and the Dean treat conservative voices of students, guests, and alumni.

We welcome you to join us and share your thoughts with the Dean, however, the office is small and can only seat a limited number of students. Please email me if you would like to attend.

[President of the Yale Federalist Society*]

Our tipster added:

I imagine most people will have left New Haven for break by lunchtime next Tuesday… It makes one wonder about Koh’s sincerity (if there wasn’t already enough reason to wonder).

Fair enough. But we’re willing to give Dean Koh the benefit of the doubt. His hosting of a luncheon with the Yale Fed Soc is welcome news. If you were at the meeting and can give us a report on what transpired, we’d love to hear from you.
And here’s a postscript from New Haven:

Hadley Arkes** came to YLS last week to give a lecture sponsored by the newly-formed Yale Law Students for Life group. Koh stopped by the reception beforehand — something he has never in the past done for a conservative speaker invited by FedSoc or similar — and chatted with Prof. Arkes. So apparently he’s making more of an effort to reach out to conservatives these days.

Again, we’re pleased to learn of Harold Koh’s recent outreach to right-of-center folks (and we hope that it continues into the new year). Efforts by a law school dean to develop an academic environment that welcomes different points of view are all for the good.
* We’re guessing that Eugene Nardelli Sr. would be the New York State appellate judge, Eugene L. Nardelli.
** You may recall Professor Arkes from his participation in this wacky panel discussion.
Earlier: Attention, Concerned Alumni of Yale: Justice Alito Gets (Green)housed
Harold and Linda, Sittin’ in a Tree…
An Addendum on Nino in New Haven

Picking up on yesterday’s item about law-related holiday cards, here’s one from a certain ex-president of the Harvard Law Review, and his wife (also a lawyer, and “big sister” to her husband when he was a summer associate at the firm where she was an associate):
Barack Obama Michelle Obama holiday card.jpg
It’s tasteful and elegant; there’s not much here to poke fun at. Still more proof that Barack Obama can do no wrong.
The tipster who sent this to us agrees:

Am sure you got this card already, but it is DEFINITELY the prettiest of the bunch. Huzzah for a man with taste in photographers! (But Michelle looks a little constipated, yes?)

Maybe — but just a little. This is still, far and away, the best politician’s holiday card we’ve seen this year.
Earlier: Season’s Greetings from ATL

Bonus season is pretty much over (and arguably has been for quite some time now).
But please email us about any bonus announcements we haven’t covered yet. We especially like it when you send us memos. They’ll be useful to look at next year, when we repeat the parlor game of guessing when different firms will make their announcements.
Now that the vast majority of firms have announced, it’s time for a reader poll:

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We’re very interested in seeing the results (and we suspect we’re not the only ones). Thanks for voting!
Earlier: Prior ATL coverage of bonuses (scroll down)

* Personally, I don’t want any judges that have ever attended a NASCAR event, but that’s just me. [New York Times via How Appealing]
* Wow; I’ve got nothing witty to say about this. It just sucks all around. [CourtTV]
* Marines charged in Iraqi civilian killings. []
* Advocacy group ads going back to Supreme Court after D.C. District Court says groups must be allowed to run ads in the two months before an election. [Jurist]
* Bitter much? [WSJ Law Blog]

* We don’t know why this made headlines this morning, but we have just three (two?) words for you: Celebrity DeathMatch! []
* The stickers would have had the same fate as the “Parental Advisory – Explicit Content” stickers–ubiquitous, but of absolutely no consequence, except maybe to Tipper Gore. [Jurist]
* At first, I could not believe any comment about Matt LeBlanc Joey could rise to the level of defamation, but then I realized that it was a stripper suing Joey Matt LeBlanc for defamation. Makes much more sense. [A Socialite’s Life]
* The “I meant ‘phat,’ not ‘fat’” defense will not work in French. [QuizLaw]

Check out these law-related holiday cards:

1. John Edwards and family. The former VP candidate and U.S. senator, renowned trial lawyer, and likely 2008 presidential candidate wishes you and yours the best of the season. And check out his oldest daughter, Cate Edwards. Can you say “Harvard Law School hottie”?

2. Susette Kelo. The losing party in Kelo v. New London isn’t feeling the holiday spirit this year. Eminent domain? Bah, humbug!

3. Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch (MLAW). If you’re worried about getting sued for sending out offensive holiday cards, then this one’s for you.

And while we’re on the subject of cards, here are two other items to check out:

1. Supreme Court Magic Cards: The Chief’s squib is pretty good; but the Breyer one is probably the best.

2. The Billable Hour Card Store: Law-related greeting cards make every day a holiday.

Early wishes for a Happy Kwanzaa!
John Edwards Wishes You a Leggy Christmas [Wonkette]
Susette Kelo’s Holiday Wishes [PropertyProf Blog]
A Heartfelt, Lawsuit-Safe Season’s Greetings [M-LAW]
Supreme Court Magic Cards [I Fought the Law]
The Billable Hour Card Store [The Billable Hour]

stack of bills cash money.jpgLike many of you, we have to do a little holiday traveling. So we’ll be away from the computer for a bit.
We’ve prepared some content to be published while we’re gone, so do keep checking in. But if some breaking legal news emerges and we’re slow in responding, now you know why.
Here’s an open comment thread in which you can post any new bonus announcements (or sound off on any other topic of your choosing). At this point, nothing exciting is expected on the bonus front. But if more shops announce later today, even if just to say that they’re matching, please note that here. Thanks.

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