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Supreme Court SCOTUS photo by David Lat* Some observers do not appreciate the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent Delphic pronouncements on a slew of hot-button issues. [New York Times]

* The New York Court of Appeals does international banks a solid — but is it bad policy? [Reuters]

* Fired Canadian radio host Jian Ghomeshi hires Dentons to sue CBC, which dismissed him over allegations of sexual misconduct. [American Lawyer]

* Is post-Citizens United money polluting judicial elections? [New York Times via How Appealing]

* An Englishman sues Sotheby’s, alleging that the auction house negligently failed to inform him that a painting he sold through Sotheby’s was by Caravaggio and worth millions. [BBC]

* If you’re a lawyer looking for extra income, check out Avvo’s new service, which offers consumers on-demand legal advice for a fixed fee. [Law Sites via ABA Journal]

* Is it reversible error for a judge to refuse to ask voir dire questions related to sexual-preference prejudices? [Southern District of Florida via How Appealing]

Left to right (but not in ideological terms): Justice Samuel Alito, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and Justice Clarence Thomas.

Left to right (but not in ideological terms): Justice Samuel Alito, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and Justice Clarence Thomas.

The day before he got turned away from Sunday brunch, Justice Samuel Alito and two of his Supreme Court colleagues, Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Sonia Sotomayor, received Yale Law School’s Award of Merit for their contributions to the legal profession. The three justices then participated in a great joint interview conducted by Professor Kate Stith.

We covered the proceedings on Twitter (see @ATLblog and @DavidLat), and we shared with you write-ups from Adam Liptak of the New York Times, Robert Barnes of the Washington Post, and Tony Mauro of the Legal Times. But for the SCOTUS devotees among you who are not yet satisfied, keep reading for even more about this very special event….

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Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffrey* After being temporarily suspended as part of “Porngate” for trafficking in “highly demeaning portrayals of members of various segments of the population, including women, elderly persons, and uniformed school girls,” Seamus McCaffrey retires from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. [Philadelphia Daily News]

* A group of women lawyers in Miami has called for NBC to cancel Bad Judge because it “depicts a female judge as unethical, lazy, crude, hyper-sexualized, and unfit to hold such an esteemed position of power.” Indeed there’s no place for depicting women judges that way on TV. Especially when Miami is perfectly capable of depicting them that way in real life. [Crushable]

* Epic trademark infringement. [Legal Cheek]

* Crazy pro se guy slapped down in Canada. [Lowering the Bar]

* While almost everyone else is seeing lower applications, USC Law saw a 5 percent bump. [USC Gould School of Law]

* Stanford and Dartmouth in hot water over election law charges in Montana. Apparently piercing the imaginary veil of non-partisanship in judicial elections is the problem and not the whole idea of judicial elections in the first place. [Montana Standard]

American football Superbowl gamblingLast week, New Jersey Governor Chris Cristie signed a bill repealing New Jersey’s ban on sports gambling. For a few, glorious days, it appeared that New Jersey was governed by a man elected Governor, and not by the NFL and other sports leagues.

But then, U.S. District Judge Michael Shipp granted a temporary restraining order preventing the repeal from going into effect…

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Justice Breyer at the 92nd Street Y.

Justice Breyer at the 92nd Street Y.

Last week, I attended a most enjoyable film screening with Justice Stephen G. Breyer. The event, part of the annual film festival of the Forum on Law, Culture, and Society, took place at the 92nd Street Y here in New York. After the audience watched one of the justice’s favorite films, Justice Breyer sat for an interview with Thane Rosenbaum, the law professor and novelist who serves as director of the Forum.

What movie did Justice Breyer nominate? And what did he have to say, about such hot-button topics as Bush v. Gore and Citizens United, in the post-movie conversation?

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Financial data analyzing. Counting on calculator.We can write about how financially imprudent it is to go to law school until we’re blue in the… fingertips? I guess? But for some of you, it’s just not going to sink in until you see it in cold hard numbers. Enter this handy student loan calculator that allows the user to enter their planned indebtedness and it’ll spit back the salary you need to earn in order to justify your decision.

Spoiler: law school is rarely justified…

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Last week, we asked readers to submit possible captions for this picture:

Reza Law Prof Bio

Let’s have a look at what our readers came up with, and vote on the finalists…

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Pretty please? Come on, we've got loans to pay back.

Pretty please? Come on, we’ve got loans to pay back.

[T]he law school graduating class nationally continued to grow based on decisions that were made, in some cases, well before the recession. Even though there were more jobs and more of those jobs were higher-quality jobs, the overall unemployment rate continued to grow, just because the size of the pool was so big. [The] decline in enrollment, all by itself, is going to continue to help the job market.

James Leipold, executive director of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP), commenting on law firm hiring trends since the recession. Leipold further noted that although firms have increased their hiring of recent law school graduates, the amount pales in comparison to pre-recession hiring.

dartboard pen on target inside straightGimme a break: I mean this hoo-ha, not the other one.

I’m thinking about the usual happy talk. At law firms, the happy talk sounds like this: “We’re landing big deals and new cases left and right; we just received the firm-of-the-year award from some outfit that hosts a dinner to celebrate this stuff; we’re launching great new business development initiatives.”

And only then, later, and maybe never spoken aloud at all: But we’re not paying associate bonuses, and we just moved a half-dozen guys out of the equity partner ranks.

Trust me! Times are great!

At corporations, the happy talk sounds like this: “We’re landing big customers left and right; we just received firm-of-the-year-award; etc.”

And only then, later, and maybe not spoken aloud at all: But the stock price is down, and we can’t afford to give raises this year.

Trust me! Times are great!

Riddle me this: Why do the institutions bother with this stuff? And, more than that, why do some employees seem to lap it up?

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US china flagsThis is Part 4 of this series on how to sue a China company. This is the final post explaining what you can do to try to secure redress against a Chinese company that owes you money or has wronged you.

Part 1 of this series focused on how to effect service of process on a Chinese company under Hague Convention rules and on jurisdictional issues involved in suing a Chinese company. Part 2 was on conducting discovery against a Chinese company. Part 3 discussed overall litigation strategies and how to enforce a judgment against a Chinese company. This final post will focus on arbitrating against Chinese companies in the United States and in China and on litigating against Chinese companies in China’s courts…

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