Judge Neil Gorsuch at the Federalist Society's 2013 National Lawyers Convention

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Benchslap Of The Day: No More Mr. Nice Guy

“At some point, this court has a duty to do more than observe, record, and warn. It has a duty to act.”

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Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 03.24.15

Even the high court's clerks are whitewashed.

SCOTUS clerks are as white as SCOTUS itself.

* Justice Anthony Kennedy says that while the Supreme Court is trying to attract more minority law clerks, lower court judges have it easier because they can recruit from local schools. Some justices have an Ivy League addiction, and thus, a diversity problem. [Legal Times]

* The next step in the confirmation process for Loretta Lynch, the lawyer who will someday be the first black woman to serve as U.S. attorney general, isn’t likely to occur until at least mid-April. Why the wait? SENATE SPRING BREAK, WOO! [Reuters]


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Non-Sequiturs: 03.23.15

Someone actually tried to arm wrestle this woman.

Someone actually tried to arm wrestle this woman.

* Chicago Law grad went up to Alaska and challenged an Iditarod musher to an arm wrestling match. That’s when she broke her arm. This decision should trigger an automatic two-spot drop in the U.S. News rankings. [Alaska Dispatch News]

* An interview with Keith Wetmore, former Chairman of Morrison and Foerster, diving into his childhood growing up in a funeral home. From working with one group of stiffs to another. [Hsu Untied]

* The Howard Shipley saga has come to an end. [Wall Street Journal]


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Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 03.23.15

Ted Cruz can only dunk in his dreams.

Ted Cruz can only dunk in his dreams.

* This would-be POTUS can’t jump? Ted Ruger, Penn Law’s new dean, used to hang out with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz during law school, and he’d “like to think that [their] legal skills far exceeded [their] mediocre basketball skills.” [Philadelphia Inquirer]

* Why do we still need law schools considering the crisis in the legal academy? Please allow Noah Feldman of Harvard Law — an unbiased law professor — to explain why “law school is absolutely essential — not for lawyers with clients, but for our society as a whole.” [Bloomberg View]


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