Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 03.18.15

dynamite* An Ohio attorney was charged with making bomb threats at two state courthouses, but only after he was indicted for allegedly making bomb threats at a third courthouse. Wow, it’s almost like this guy didn’t do his homework motions or something. [Northeast Ohio Media Group]

* Loretta Lynch, our would-be replacement for Eric Holder as attorney general, still hasn’t been able to get confirmed, and the delay — which is being blamed on our Senate Majority Leader’s “inept leadership” — is now being referred to as “unconscionable.” Lovely. [CNN]

* What’s happening at #ATLConverge today? Check out our Twitter feed! [Converge]


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Non-Sequiturs: 03.17.15

Mitt Romney LF* Mitt Romney is going to fight Evander Holyfield. Man, Romney has been beaten by a black guy like that since… Oooh, also, Floyd Mayweather just found his next opponent. [CNN]

* Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore’s son was arrested and charged with drug possession yesterday and then blamed the media… somehow. I blame the moral vacuum created when they took down the Ten Commandments. []

* The long-awaited Justice Scalia play is out. It’s like Tony and Tina’s Wedding with more gun control and abortion. [WTOP]


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