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A couple of weeks ago, we reported on a bit of a bedbug breakout in the Brooklyn D.A.’s office. We thought it was kind of funny, but people who work in that office are not laughing. Instead, emails have been flying around the office — and one message in particular is both informative and hysterical. It’s just hard to decide if it’s hysterical (haha) or hysterical (dogs and cats living together).

The emails are coming from someone who calls himself or herself “Not Taking Bed Bugs” (“NTBB”). This individual is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. NTBB is trying to incite some collective action from the employees in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office:

Please photograph every bed bug bite you get. Keep records of where in the office you were when you noticed it. Always inform [Lady Scapegoat] via email – exactly how many bites. She needs your help. She needs to know. They need a “paper trail” to document the progress.

Keep your own record of bed bug sighting and always inform [Lady Scapegoat] via email immediately exactly where and when. She needs your help. She needs to know. They need a “paper trail” to document the progress.


Also a disease: mass hysteria…

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Ed. note: This post is by Morning Dockette, one of our new Morning Docket writers. You can reach her by email at [email protected].

* In some states, medical marijuana will cost you more than just $450 an ounce. [New York Times]

* Facing possible racketeering charges, the entire cast of Jersey Shore may soon be joining the IFF. [New York Daily News]

* I bet Martin Luther King didn’t have a dream about this… [Washington Post]

* Patently offensive? The world’s 37th richest man sues Apple and Google, to name a few, because he obviously needs more money. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Hawaiians might say aloha (as in “hello”) to gay marriage after California’s Prop. 8 ruling. [Los Angeles Times]

* Paris Hilton should win an award for the most creative alibi of the year. That’s hot. [The Sun]

* The FCC says f**k it, and appeals its indecency policy to the 2nd Circuit. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Protip: if you’re a juror, don’t spill the beans on Facebook that you plan to convict. You might end up being the one convicted. [Click On Detroit]

This is one of those situations that looks odd out of context, but there is a reasonable explanation. This is going to go to court, so it wouldn’t be appropriate to comment on the reason behind each item.

Kym Rivellini, the attorney representing Dennis Hobbs, who has been charged with stalking his own daughter.

(Hobbs was found driving around his daughter’s shelter in a car with a loaded gun, a video camera, a notebook recording his daughter’s whereabouts, and a wig. He was also dressed in black and had his face painted black when found.)

Just because it’s Saturday doesn’t mean you can escape document review — or at least talking about document review.

A liveblog of the Lavender Law panel on e-discovery, after the jump.

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Liveblogging of this interesting panel about judicial nominations at the National LGBT Bar Association’s Annual Lavender Law Career Fair and Conference, after the jump.

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We’re here at the National LGBT Bar Association’s Annual Lavender Law Career Fair and Conference, attending a great panel about relationship recognition (aka marriage equality aka same-sex marriage).

You can access the liveblog after the jump.

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* Does practicing law mean living “a life on the sidelines”? Discuss. [What About Clients?]

* Does working at a “white-shoe law firm” require you to always wear white shirts? [Excellence in Teaching]

* Speaking of white, apparently you have to be one if you want to run for eighth-grade class president at this Mississippi middle school. [Gawker]

* The Wise Latina believes in her own wisdom. [Josh Blackman's Blog]

* Some environmentalist groups are accusing the Obama Administration of siding with polluters, based on a brief recently filed by the Solicitor General, but Professor Jonathan Adler is not surprised. [Volokh Conspiracy via Point of Law]

* Looks like I’m not the only Filipino who gets excited by beauty queens. [Deadspin]

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A Collection of Things You Can Do in a Bathroom

We know how our readers are obsessed with toilets. Over the course of this week, a couple of stories came in about bathroom shenanigans, and we’ll deal with them both here. We’ve got a steamy bathroom (or maybe not, see correction below) and a stinky bathroom from Iowa and UCLA Law, respectively.

First up, Iowa. Land of same-sex marriage and judges getting kicked around because of same-sex marriage. With everybody hot and bothered over gay love in the corn state, you’d think there wasn’t any good, clean, traditional-values sex happening in Iowa. Well the Des Moines Register tells us that Iowa is still safe for heterosexual couples:

A Waterloo lawyer who allegedly had sex with a client in the law library of the Black Hawk County Courthouse faces a possible suspension of his license.

The Iowa Supreme Court’s Attorney Disciplinary Board alleges that Clovis M. Bowles had sexual relations with one of his female clients on several occasions in 2007 and 2008.

Clearly, if we let the “gay agenda” have its way and ruin the traditional definition of marriage, this kind of grotty, bathroom hetrosex will be a thing of the past. And that’ll make Jesus angry…

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The photograph for our latest caption contest is a bit odd. And we’re not going to give you the backstory until the end, so as not to stifle your creativity.

In all honesty, this pic might not make for good contest fodder, due to to its sheer strangeness. But you haven’t disappointed us in the past with your wit and inventiveness.

So let’s see what you can come up with for this photo….

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Back in June, we bestowed Lawyer of the Day honors upon two of the nation’s top litigators: Ted Wells and Martin Flumenbaum, the co-chair and former chair, respectively, of the renowned litigation department at Paul Weiss. Given the sterling reputations of the two lawyers and their firm, it was a surprising development.

We recognized Messrs. Wells and Flumenbaum after a New Jersey judge sanctioned Paul Weiss and its co-counsel — Lowenstein Sandler, one of the Garden State’s leading law firms, and Wells’s former home (before he jumped across the Hudson) — for pursuing a “frivolous” and “ridiculous” legal claim on behalf of billionaire Ronald Perelman against his ex-father-in-law, Robert Cohen.

In June, Judge Ellen Koblitz ordered Paul Weiss and Lowenstein Sandler to pay Cohen’s fees and costs for opposing the claim; she scheduled a hearing to determine the amount. The hearing took place last month, and now we know the amount.

It’s nothing to sneeze at, even for firms as well-heeled as Paul Weiss and Lowenstein. And to add insult to (financial) injury, Judge Koblitz got super-snarky in the opinion setting forth her reasoning….

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In keeping with the highly optimistic “dey terk er jerbs” story lines of the last couple of weeks, such as Elie’s on how outsourcing could be great for associates, I thought I would address how attorneys working remotely on e-discovery projects could actually be a good thing for the future of Biglaw.

A couple of years ago, I was a legal recruiter for a small staffing agency placing contract attorneys on e-discovery projects in the Washington, DC area. The attorneys constantly asked me the same questions: “Is it true this is all going away?” Or, “Is all doc review really heading to India?”

I would respond by telling them not to worry about India, because the real threat would be coming from Indiana…

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If you stick to the coasts, you might not have heard of Barnes & Thornburg. But it’s one of the biggest and best firms in Indiana. Unfortunately today we bring them up because of tragedy. A partner at the firm, Mary Jane Frisby, was found dead in her home. She appears to be the victim of a murder-suicide carried out by her husband. The ABA Journal reports:

The body of Mary Jane Frisby, 44, a former partner at the Indianapolis-based Barnes & Thornburg, was found in her home, the apparent victim of homicide.

Police discovered her body after her estranged husband, David Frisby, shot himself at a parking garage near the firm, which she’d recently left, reports Channel 6 in Indianapolis.

Weeks before the murder, David Frisby lashed out at lawyers from Barnes & Thornburg…

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