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Why Are D.C. Lawyers Such Frigging Babies?

Are these Biglaw attorneys a bunch of big wimps? Or are they clever and creative lawyers? Read more »
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  • Blog Wars, LSAT, Rudeness

    Flame War: Testmasters v. Top Law Schools

    Internet message boards tend to be rough-and-tumble places. Enter at your own risk. (This includes Above the Law comments — if you don’t like them, don’t read them.) There may be employment risks for posters at Top Law Schools (“TLS”), a message board for gunners planning to apply to law school. This is one of […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 02.04.10

    * Oh, sure, now Carlos the Jackal wants to avail himself of legal remedies. Funny how life in jail limits a person’s vigilante terrorism. [Guardian] * What type of greeting should you use in a cover letter? I used to go with “If you ever want to see your kids again, please read,” but that […]

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  • Email Scandals, Job Searches, Law Schools, Screw-Ups

    3L Achieves Networking Failure: Disaster Preserved via Email

    Times are difficult for 3Ls. The legal economy is in shambles. Their debts are about to come due, and they have no reasonable opportunities for legal employment. Many third years have resorted to cold, unsolicited résumé dumps, hoping against hope that they’ll get lucky. There is a lot of pressure on 3Ls. But handling enormous […]

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  • Start Dates

    Mintz Levin: Defers Class of 2010 to … 2012

    If you spent your summer at Mintz Levin in 2009 and received an offer, congratulations! You must be very proud. Now wrap it up very tightly and put it in a safe place, because you won’t be pulling it out again until 2012. Multiple sources report that Mintz just deferred its 2009 summer associate class […]

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  • pls hndle thx

    Pls Hndle Thx: The *Other* Gang Bang

    Ed. note: Have a question for next week? Send it in to ATL – I am a first-year litigation associate at a large law firm. Although I never really had any interest in doing transactional work, it has recently dawned on me that working in litigation severely limits my ability to transfer to my […]

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  • Lawyer Advertising, Technology

    You’re Not Just a Piece of Meat at MoFo. You’re the Whole Cow.

    When we reviewed Morrison & Foerster’s new website yesterday, a commenter advised us to check out the firm’s career page for those who think they might have “that MoFo mojo” (in the words of the firm). The commenter was amused by MoFo’s comparing new lawyers to pigeons, and its advice on how to avoid being […]

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  • Contracts

    Open Thread: Lawyerly Housing Woes

    Last month, as your ATL editors were leaving work, we ran into a fresh recruit to Biglaw, newly arrived in New York with a January draft date. He was at the corner of Mott and Houston after having looked at a possible apartment for rent. He recognized us as chroniclers of Biglaw’s troubles and complained […]

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  • Quicklisting

    From Contracts to Couture

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  • Technology

    We Acquired SuperLawyers? For Real? (An Update)

    At LegalTech, Thomson Reuters celebrated Tuesday night’s announcement of acquiring the Minneapolis based SuperLawyers with all kinds of bells and whistles. Unfortunately the ringers on the bells were defective and the whistles were meant for dogs. No one from Thomson at LegalTech was prepared to really discuss anything regarding the SuperLawyers pick-up. “Oh, that’s a […]

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  • Anthony Kennedy, SCOTUS

    Justice Kennedy: ‘Courtly and Humorous’

    Oh, to be old and powerful. SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy must be living the good life. He’s got a lifelong job in the middle of a global recession, and oh yeah, he’s the swing vote on the Supreme Court. I bet he doesn’t even drive a Toyota. Justice Kennedy gave a talk at Pepperdine School […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 02.04.10

    * “Lady Al Qaeda” was found guilty. Her reaction: “This is a verdict coming from Israel and not from America.” [New York Times] * And just to be clear, Attorney General Holder is a huge fan of civilian trials. [Courthouse News Service] * Congressional Democrats try to figure how to protect themselves from corporate “speech.” […]

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  • Biglaw, Conferences / Symposia, Education / Schools, Law School Deans, Law Schools

    Changes in Legal Education: Some Thoughts from Dean David Van Zandt

    Earlier this week, at the PLI Law Firm Leadership and Management Institute — which was excellent, by the way (and not just because we presented there) — Dean David Van Zandt, of Northwestern University School of Law, offered some reflections on the future of legal education. (We used one of his comments as a recent […]

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