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Student Loans

Could This Be The Law School Graduate With The Most Student Loan Debt In The World?

Oy. This person’s net worth is completely negative!

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  • Job Searches

    Fall Recruiting Fallout: Harvard/Yale Make Concessions to ‘Reality’

    We spent a lot of time documenting the recruiting struggles for Harvard Law School students. Comparatively speaking Yale Law students seemed to do pretty well. The school did not send around an “accept your offers” email to students, and it appears that most Yale students who wanted jobs in Biglaw did okay. A tipster reports: […]

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  • Dreier

    Going Through the Dreier: An Update

    More details have emerged in the story we broke last night, concerning the arrest of high-flying New York litigator Marc Dreier, founder and managing partner of Dreier LLP. In the comments to our post, some of you wondered about the lack of MSM coverage. The story has now been picked up by the New York […]

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  • JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Morning Docket, O.J. Simpson, White & Case

    Morning Docket 12.05.08

    * Bad news for the big three: the New York Times says Congress “is suffering from acute bailout fatigue.” [NYT] * There were 13 law firm mergers in the third quarter this year (not unusual). The largest number of combinations (5) were in the southeast. [The Birmingham News] * O.J. Simpson is finally going to […]

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  • Canada, Dreier, White-Collar Crime

    Founding Partner, Left Higher and Dreier? Blame Canada

    Prominent New York litigator Marc Dreier — founder and managing partner of Dreier LLP, former head of litigation for Fulbright & Jaworski (NY), and former litigation partner at Rosenman & Colin — was arrested in Toronto on Tuesday. The arrest was carried out by Canadian law enforcement. The alleged offense appears to be financial in […]

    / Dec 4, 2008 at 6:27 PM
  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 12.04.08

    * I believe every single IU student that reads ATL has pointed out that IU Law School changed its name to the Michael Maurer School of Law, thanks to a $35 million contribution from Mr. Maurer. Are there other BigTen schools that would be willing to sell the name of their law schools? How much […]

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  • Uncategorized

    University of Chicago BLSA Update

    Earlier today we reported on an unfortunate affair that took place at the University of Chicago Law School. BLSA members excluded white students from a public forum, causing the law school Dean and the BLSA president to issue an apology. Since our initial story we’ve learned that the BLSA president has stepped down from that […]

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  • Layoffs

    Nationwide Layoff Watch: Proskauer Cuts 60 People

    If you thought that law firms wouldn’t fire people between Thanksgiving and Christmas, think again. We’ve received reports today that Proskauer Rose has decided to layoff 35 associates and 25 administrative staff. A firm representative offered this statement: We are taking these actions in response to the worldwide economic crisis, as well as an unprecedented […]

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  • Associate Bonus Watch 2008, pls hndle thx

    Pls Hndle Thx:
    Do Not Seek Unto God’s Privity

    Apparently some members of the Black Law Students Association at the University of Chicago Law School need a refresher in Constitutional Law. Or maybe some of them could just re-watch Eyes on the Prize and remember why we fight. A tipster reports on some exclusionary practices undertaken by the BLSA group at what was supposed […]

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  • Associate Bonus Watch 2008

    Associate Bonus Watch: Milbank Tweed

    A match of Cravath — no surprise there. There’s not much suspense left to this process (with the possible exception of what S&C and maybe Weil will do). From a Milbank tipster: What is funny is all the false Milbank “no bonus” rumors, posted as comments to other posts (e.g., here), probably made associates here […]

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  • Supreme Court Clerks

    Supreme Court Clerk Hiring Watch: Justice Breyer’s 2010 Hires

    With Barack Obama about to assume the presidency, alongside a heavily Democratic Senate, the justices in the liberal wing of the Supreme Court are free to retire if they like. Don’t be surprised if Justice David Souter, never a fan of life at One First Street, heads for the exit early in the Obama presidency. […]

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  • Lawsuit of the Day

    Lawsuit of the Day: Eau de TTT Civil Suit

    Some people love perfume. Some people hate it. Susan McBride says it makes it “difficult for her to breathe and impossible to do her job.” McBride filed a suit against the city of Detroit last year under the Americans with Disabilities Act, because of her government co-worker’s perfume. The Detroit News reports that Michigan District […]

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