Patricia Dunn

* “I even got out of community service, suckers!” [AP via HuffPo]
* And somewhere, a torts professor is drafting his “false imprisonment” hypo for upcoming final exams. [Detroit Free Press]
* This is the problem with straight fashion designers. (Serious Note: Sexual violence is one of the few things I NEVER make light of, but I personally see this as a classic he-said/she-said, with a little statutory, which I consider — rightly or wrongly — malum prohibitum, thrown in for good measure.) [Yahoo! News]
* Train wrecks, on the other hand, are free-for-all’s: Lindsay Lohan’s dad is now a free man, and in the past, he’s been such an inspiration in helping her to lay off drugs and to cope with familial dysfunction that there’s no telling what he’s capable of as a redeemed man. [The Showbuzz]

football 3 Above the Law Legal Gossip Site.jpg* O.J.’s “confession”? The trial of the century takes a twisted PR turn, years later. [CNN]
* President Bush intends to renominate, to the lame duck Senate, some of the judicial nominees who were not previously confirmed, before the Democrats swept the midterm elections. Interesting strategy. [New York Times]
* Don’t mess with Texas['s judicial independence]. [SCOTUSBlog]
* The HP debacle: you thought it was over, but really it’s just beginning. Patty Dunn enters a plea of not guilty. [Los Angeles Times]
* Brutal brawl breaks out in an Ohio courtroom. [CNN Video]
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mark foley.JPG* “If Mark Foley had sex with a page in the District of Columbia, it wouldn’t be a crime. In the capital, the age of consent is 16, as it is in many states. That, coincidentally, is the minimum age to be a page.” [Los Angeles Times]
* The Sixth Circuit has placed Judge Anna Diggs Taylor’s warrantless wiretapping handiwork on hold. [Detroit Free Press via How Appealing]
* Some benchslapping of the government, courtesy of Second Circuit Judge Jon O. Newman: “Beatings? Exposure to air-conditioning after standing in the rain? Needless strip-searches? Never approached a due process violation? If I thought your client really believed that, I’ve got to tell you, I’d be really troubled.” [New York Times]
* The other shoe has dropped in the HP leak investigation scandal: criminal charges have been filed against former chairwoman Patricia Dunn and four others. [New York Times]
* Apple joins the options backdating scandal club. [New York Times; WSJ Law Blog]

1. They’re both having A REALLY CRAPPY Thursday.
2. They both like to SPY ON OTHER PEOPLE (e.g., fellow board members, husbands).
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(Gavel bang: David Minkin)
Hearings Open on H.P.’s Spying: Patricia Dunn Testifies [New York Times]
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