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    Non-Sequiturs: 08.09.12

    * A few weeks back, we mentioned some legal lessons gleaned from Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. Turns out, you might not need law school to become a lawyer. Maybe all you need is a Spotify subscription and a good set of headphones. [FindLaw]

    * Government security guard finds suspicious bag and stashes it under his desk, where it chills out for a couple of weeks. Oh yeah, I should probably mention — there was A BOMB in the bag. Nice work, Sherlock. [CNN]

    * If you rat someone out, you might avoid prson. But in Illinois, if you end up in prison, don’t be surprised if you end up with a real rat as a cellmate. Maybe a roach too, if you get particularly unlucky. [WBEZ]

    * Former Judge of the Day John Wulle, who yelled at a teenager in court and suggested the teen might be “stupid,” just lost his bid for reelection. I think the appropriate statement here is: Stupid is as stupid does. [The Columbian]

    * I’m pretty sure everyone knows politicians are not exactly truthful all the time. But which politicians are the heavyweight “Liar, liar, pants on fire” champions? [Daily Dolt]

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    Nationwide Layoff Watch: Pircher Nichols and the Rule of Eight

    Now that Citigroup decided that the recession was over, hopefully this layoff news will start to dissipate. But we wanted to catch up on some layoff news that happened yesterday that we weren’t able to get to. Pircher Nichols & Meeks had its second round of layoffs, and the numbers were surprisingly similar to the […]

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    Nationwide Layoff Watch: In Case You Were Wondering, The Economy Is Hurting Mid-Sized Firms Too

    On Friday we reported that Epstein Becker & Green might have set the bonus market for regional firms to zero. While associates at firms outside the AmLaw 100 have every reason to worry about receiving any bonus at all, it’s worth remembering that the terrible economic conditions are still causing layoffs. We received word that […]

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