Legal Technology Leadership Summit Ambassador Sponsorships Fully Subscribed

2011 Legal Technology Leadership Summit Attains Goal of 20 Ambassador Sponsors and Stops Accepting Further Such Sponsors

Washington, DC – August 3, 2011 – Patrick Oot, General Counsel and Co-Founder of the Electronic Discovery Institute (“EDI”), announced today that EDI had achieved its goal of obtaining 20 corporate Ambassador Sponsors for the 2011 Legal Technology Leadership Summit being held September 6-8, 2011 at Amelia Island, Florida. Oot also noted “We are especially pleased with the diverse range of products and services offered to the legal community by our ambassadors and we’re honored that they have chosen to invest their money and the time and energies of some of their very best people to help make the Summit a success.”

Oot continued, “In-house corporate lawyers and IT staff with a wealth of experience will predominate on the various panels that will be discussing some of the leading issues at the cutting edge of technology and the law, topics like cloud implementations, legal process outsourcing, data breach and cyber security, and leveraging litigators with technology-assisted review. The Summit will also benefit from the experiences and insights several judges who face electronic discovery issues on a day-to-day basis. All in all, the Summit provides a mechanism for networking and sharing experiences and insights among the very best and brightest legal technologists in the country, technologists with key roles in the major functions impacting the use of technology in delivering legal services.”

Susan Werner, the Director of Fundraising and Sponsorship Outreach for EDI said, “We’re proud of the quality and caliber of our Ambassadors. The Ambassadors represent ‘best of breed’ solutions from eBilling to email archiving, building custom solutions, cloud solutions or outsourcing, and many other areas.” The 20 corporate sponsors are:

• Applied Discovery
• Autonomy
• Clearwell Systems
• Datacert
• Ernst & Young LLP
• Falcon Technologies
• FTI Technology
• Guidance Software
• Mitratech
• Nextpoint
• Nuix
• Pangea3
• Planet Data
• Prosearch
• QuisLex
• Recommind
• Robert Haff
• Thomson Reuters
• Valora Technologies

About the 2011 Legal Technology Leadership Summit
The Summit is co-presented by Above the Law, the American Society of Digital Forensics and eDiscovery, and the eDiscovery Institute. Summit information is available at:

About the Electronic Discovery Institute
The Electronic Discovery Institute ( is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research organization that identifies and promote technologies and processes that can lower the cost or improve the quality of handling electronic discovery. The EDI website, has reports and articles available at no cost relating to its prior work in evaluating document categorization and conducting industry surveys on duplicate consolidation, email threading, and predictive coding. Its Judges Guide to Cost-Effective E-Discovery has been very well received.

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