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If you’ve messed up and managed to get married without an airtight prenup, you’re going to have a messy divorce. Unless you have a fairy tale romance that can never be torn asunder, but statistically you don’t, so you should be planning for divorce. And congratulations to our gay brothers and sisters — with Illinois joining the 21st century this week as the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage, you too will soon have to begin planning for divorces.

But when you get divorced, who should you hire to represent you? One publication has compiled its list of the 10 divorce lawyers you don’t want across the table from you….

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I think if you can dye your hair or fix your nose, you can change your name.

Raoul Felder, the high-profile divorce lawyer, commenting on the trend of divorcées making up completely new names for themselves upon getting divorced.

(Continue reading for Felder’s harsh indictment of legal education.)

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Check out this very interesting interview, conducted by LX.TV, with celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder (who was, interestingly enough, an assistant U.S. attorney before he ventured into matrimonial law).
Some questions that Felder answers in the course of the interview:

1. What time does he start work?

(Digression: We’re fascinated by the work habits and schedules of highly successful people. We’re becoming firmly convincted that true superstars can get by on relatively little sleep. See, e.g., Richard Posner.)

2. Who fights nastier in a divorce: men or women?

3. What are the three rules of signing a prenuptial agreement?

4. How do you define a “schmuck”?

You can watch the interview, and admire the understated elegance of Felder’s cufflinks, by clicking below:

Raoul Felder interview (highlights) [LXTV.com]
Raoul Felder interview (uncut) [LXTV.com]