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Our March Madness contest, an NCAA-esque tournament for the title of America’s coolest law school, is now over. Congratulations to the very deserving winner:


In the final round, UVA went up against Columbia. It wasn’t even close:
UVA coolest law school University of Virginia School of Law Above the Law blog.JPG
After the jump, a few pieces of evidence in support of UVA’s coolness. Nice work, guys!

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Things are getting a little heavy around here, with heated discussion of this morning’s decision in Gonzales v. Carhart (PDF). So it’s time to mix up the programming a little.
Let’s turn our attention from stuff that matters a lot to stuff that matters, well, not terribly much. ATL’s March Madness competition — our quest to crown America’s coolest law school — will conclude tomorrow, Thursday, April 19, at 3 PM (Eastern time). So if you haven’t done so already, please cast your vote :

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This is for our curiosity. If you’re a practicing attorney, please take this single-question survey:

Congratulations to the two finalists for ATL’s March Madness: Columbia and UVA! Both of them emerged victorious out of the Final Four, in hard-fought contests:
ATL poll results Columbia Texas UVA Georgetown Above the Law blog.JPG
And extra congratulations to Columbia for the excellent Law Revue they staged last night. We attended and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly — aided by a helpful 3L, who explained the inside jokes to us, and a modest amount of alcohol.
We urge the CLS Revue folks to put some of their best numbers up on YouTube. We’d like to blog about them and share them with the world.
So here’s the final poll for our March Madness contest. It’s for the championship, so please get out the vote.
(Same rules apply: Feel free to email or IM people and encourage them to vote. But no scripts, clickbots, or other non-human voting tools. Thank you.)

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Adriana Dominguez, the Brooklyn Law School student who made a video for Playboy TV. We’d like to get a more systematic handle on people’s views:

We’re closing the polls tomorrow, Friday the 13th (yikes), at 3 PM (Eastern time). To cast your ballot, click here.
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Apparently the world is not yet ready for successful and strong professional women.
Even if they are widely praised for their brilliance, work ethic, leadership, and communication abilities. And even if they balance their career successes, which might be threatening to some — e.g., chauvinist pigs — with “world-class” baking abilities.
ATL poll results Monica Goodling Above the Law blog.jpg
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Okay, we changed our mind. As some of you suggested, having disqualified NYU and the University of Michigan, we will stage a semifinal between the two schools they previously defeated: UT Austin and Columbia.
So here are the new “final four” match-ups (the new Texas-Columbia contest, and the existing UVA-Georgetown one):

We’re all in favor of school spirit. We encourage you to email the poll to others and encourage them to vote.
But please do not employ scripts, clickbots, or other non-human voting tools. Thank you.

Sigh. We’re sorry it had to turn out this way. But perhaps it’s oddly appropriate for a ridiculous poll to have a ridiculous ending
According to the folks at Vizu, and as noted by many commenters, both NYU and the University of Michigan were guilty of improprieties in their recent March Madness match-up. As a result, we are disqualifying NYU and Michigan from competition.
The two schools duking it out in the other semifinal, UVA and Georgetown, will BOTH advance to the finals. Here’s the tournament history:
law school 4a tournament brackets.GIF
Update: The commenters have convinced us. We’ve decided to let the schools that NYU and Michigan previously defeated, Columbia and Texas, face off in a semifinal. You can vote in that match over here.
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For those of you who are wondering what happened to the NYU-University of Michigan match-up, which appears to have vanished (“undefined”), here’s the explanation:

From: Nick Rau
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 1:29 AM
To: David Lat
Cc: Dan Beltramo; Andrew Touchstone
Subject: Law School Poll: NYU vs U of Michigan

Hello there, my name is Nick Rau and I’m the CTO of Vizu Corporation. We’re contacting you because one of your law school contest polls was the subject of a number of gaming attempts today. At least 4 different automated scripts were being run to try to influence vote totals beginning earlier today.

The scripts were starting to cause severe performance problems for the site. We attempted to block by IP the attempts but whoever was behind one or more of the scripts kept moving to new machines. We finally were forced to delete the poll to end the problem completely.

You can read about some of this activity and the involvement of some of the voters on the following blog post:

We apologize that this measure was necessary but we had no alternative. Your Vizu Answers Poll Zone was never affected by any of this and continues to function normally, generating revenue. We are currently working on stronger authentication protections for our Web Poll widget and should have those in place shortly to prevent this kind of problem from happening in the future.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Nick Rau

Jeez, people. We’re very disappointed in you. This is a sad commentary on ethics within the legal profession — as well as the coolness of law students and/or lawyers. Don’t you people have anything better to do than cheat in a silly online poll?
We’ve asked for more details about the cheating from the Vizu folks (and we may disqualify one or both schools depending upon what we learn). We will keep you posted.
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