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law school 3b tournament brackets.GIFThe real March Madness may be over (and congratulations to the Gators). But ATL March Madness rolls on!
Just as in college basketball, upsets are common in ATL March Madness — which is part of what makes it so exciting. None of the top four seeds made it into the third round. To see what happened in past rounds, click on the thumbnail image at right.
Congratulations to the Final Four:

1. NYU (5)

2. University of Michigan (9)

3. UVA (10)

4. Georgetown (14)

Results from the four match-ups that just took place:
1. Michigan defeats Texas, 57-43
In the battle of the state schools, Michigan came out on top — by a comfortable margin.
2. NYU defeats Columbia, 58-42
NYU makes better law school revue videos than Columbia (at least if you compare this video to this one). And if law revue quality can be viewed as an indicator of school spirit, then NYU’s success in March Madness thus far should not be surprising.
3. Georgetown defeats Chicago, 55-45
The coolness of Posner and Easterbrook couldn’t save Chicago from falling to the Hoyas.
4. UVA defeats Stanford, 51-49
The talented rappers of Charlotteville eke out a narrow victory, in the only close contest of the bunch.
The polls for the Final Four will be available shortly. So check back soon!
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ATL March Madness: Law Schools, Round 2 (continued)

law school 2b tournament brackets.GIFIf you’re tired of endlessly arguing over which law school is best, we have a suggestion for you: Cast your vote in ATL’s Law School March Madness!!!
We’ll close the second round of the tournament on Tuesday, April 3, at 3 PM (Eastern time). The law schools in the lead at that point in time will become your Final Four.
To vote in the Chicago-Georgetown or UVA-Stanford contests, click here. To vote in the NYU-Columbia or Texas-Michigan contests, click here. To review the brackets, click on the thumbnail on the right.
Good luck!
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ATL March Madness: Law Schools, Round 2 (Part 2)

(This is a continuation of an earlier post. We’ve broken up the four polls for formatting reasons.)

Earlier: ATL March Madness: Law Schools, Round 2

We just announced the results of ATL March Madness: Round 1. And you know what that means: Round 2!
Update: Two of the four polls appear below. For formatting reasons, we are moving the other two polls to a separate post.

law school 2b tournament brackets.GIFThe first round of ATL March Madness is over. And we have some exciting results to announce — including a number of big-time upsets.
(If we had started the contest just a little bit later, we could have based it on the brand-new U.S. News & World Report law school rankings. But we didn’t, and there’s nothing to be done about that now.)
To see the current state of the brackets, click on the thumbnail image at right. Here are quick summaries of the eight match-ups that just took place:
1. Texas defeats Yale, 54-46
Oh well — upsets happen. Our alma mater gets sent home in the first round of the tournament. Ouch!
(But yeah, New Haven kinda does suck. The sky overhead was grey for all three years we were there.)
2. Michigan defeats Berkeley (Boalt Hall), 51-49
This one was a squeaker that went well into overtime. But in the end, the Wolverines devoured the sandal-wearing hippies of northern California.
3. NYU defeats Northwestern, 68-32
A veritable rout. Northwestern has been doing pretty well lately in terms of getting Supreme Court clerkships for its graduates. But the Biglaw placement opportunities available to NYU grads can’t be beat.
4. Columbia defeats Cornell, 71-29
An even bigger defeat. It’s tough to compete with the Manhattan heavyweights — but NYU and Columbia will face each other in the next round. Who will prevail in this enduring rivalry?
5. Chicago defeats Duke, 56-44
The weather sucks in Chicago; but you do get a pretty decent legal education. And the Duke campus was shaken by controversy earlier this year. (No, not THAT controversy…)
6. Georgetown defeats Harvard, 52-48
This battle of the behemoths concluded with a major upset: Georgetown took down the #3 seed, Harvard Law School. Perhaps HLS was hurt by the embarrassing antics of its LLMs?
7. UVA defeats Penn, 69-31
Want a Wilkinson clerkship? Go to UVA. Also, Penn probably wasn’t helped by that whole shooting incident.
8. Stanford defeats UCLA, 63-37
Northern California versus Southern California is one of our nation’s great regional rivalries. And this time around, the Bay Area prevailed.
After being ejected from March Madness in the first round, UCLA grads will have to content themselves with L.A.’s beautiful weather and plastic-surgery-enhanced population — and their school’s great track record of turning out judicial divas, like Judges Janice Rogers Brown (D.C. Cir.) and Kim McLane Wardlaw (9th Cir.).
We’re putting together the polls for round 2, which should be available shortly. So check back soon!
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ATL March Madness: Law Schools, Round 1 (Part 2)

Aaron Charney 2 headshot Aaron B Charney Aaron Brett CharneyWe had three ATL reader polls going concerning Aaron Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell:
1. What should Aaron Charney do next?
2. Assuming Aaron Charney’s allegations are true, how much would you award him?
3. Whom do you support in Charney v. S&C?
Anyway, we just closed ‘em. Thanks to everyone who voted.
You can review the poll results, and vote in the new version of our Charney v. S&C head-to-head match-up, after the jump.

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Just a quick administrative announcement about ATL March Madness. You can participate in the tournament, by voting for your favorite law school(s), by clicking here and here.
At this early point in the tourney, most match-ups are looking lopsided. The closest ones at the current time are Boalt Hall v. Michigan (Michigan leads, 51-49); Yale v. Texas (Texas leads, 53-47); and Harvard vs. Georgetown (Harvard leads, 52-48).
So you can still vote — but you need to act fast. We will close the polls tomorrow, Wednesday, March 28, at 3 PM (Eastern time). Good luck!
(If you’d like to see the brackets for the full tournament, we reprint them after the jump.)

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Uncle Sam Above the Law legal blog tabloid.jpgIn addition to our Law School March Madness, we have a few other things going on at ATL where your participation would be most welcome:
1. Please take our reader survey. It’s quick, painless, and of great help to us.
2. Please submit a nomination for our U.S. Attorney hotties contest. We have a fair number already, but we’d like a few more before we launch the contest. Submission details appear here.
3. Please consider writing Legal Eagle Wedding Watch (see here). We’ve already heard from a number of great candidates, but we’ll accept additional applications for another day or two before deciding.
(And thanks for the plug, Ilya!)
4. Please vote in some of our still-open polls. We didn’t realize we had so many open; we’ll be closing a bunch soon. Here they are:
(a) Are first-year associates overpaid?
(b) What were your 2006 billable hours?
(c) Is a $200,000 bonus for a Supreme Court clerkship too high, too low, or just right?
(d) What should Aaron Charney do next?
(e) Whom do you support in Charney v. S&C?
(f) Assuming Aaron Charney’s allegations are true, how much would you award him?
5. Finally, if you have firsthand knowledge of two S&C partners with major roles in the Charney drama — Vince DiBlasi or Stephen Kotran — please share it with us.
We’ve heard from a number of tipsters about DiBlasi, but we have practically nothing on Steve Kotran, so info about him would be especially welcome. Thanks!

This morning we announced, with much fanfare, the arrival of ATL March Madness: Law Schools. We posted the brackets, which you can review by clicking here, and we opened the polls in one half of the draw.
Now we bring you the other half of the tournament. Here’s the first poll, pitting the Midwest against the South:

The rest of the polls — including a clash of the titans, between Harvard and Georgetown — appear after the jump.

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We noticed that you guys enjoy trash talking about rival law schools. And we also realize, despite our general ignorance about sports, that we are now in the midst of “March Madness.” So, as several of you requested, we are introducing a March Madness-inspired feature to ATL.


Here are the brackets. They’re based, as you might have guessed, on the U.S. News and World Report rankings. At least they’re good for something!
(Where schools were tied, we assigned seeds based on where the schools appear on the USNWR list, which seemed to break ties based on alphabetical order.)
law school tournament brackets.GIF
Here’s how the tournament will work. Law schools will advance to the next round based on reader polls, in which we ask you which law school is “cooler.” You can define “cooler” in whatever way you wish. Basically, it’s a popularity contest.
The first set of polls appears after the jump.

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