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law library librarians hot hottest hotties Above the Law legal blog.JPGJust a quick reminder: our contest to find the hottest law librarians in America is still underway. You can vote on the male nominees here and the female nominees here.
Both contests are looking like two-person races. Although thirteen women and six men were nominated as hot law librarians, two women and two men have pulled away from the pack — big time.
In the women’s race, Abigail Rudman is currently in first place, with 39 percent of the vote. Joy Hanson follows with 27 percent. No other nominee polls above 10 percent.
Meanwhile, on the men’s side, Larry Reeves has a commanding lead, with 52 percent of the vote. Dwight King is running second, with 39 percent. The other four contestants all hover between one and three percent.
We’ll keep the polls open through the weekend. If you haven’t done so already, please cast your votes!
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Law Librarian Hotties: Your Female Nominees

Legal Eagle Wedding Watch NYT wedding announcements Above the Law.jpgWe’ve finally finished all of our Legal Eagle Wedding Watch write-ups for January. So it’s time to vote — rather belatedly, but that’s our fault, not yours — for ATL’s January 2007 “Couple of the Month.”
If you’d like to review the couples one more time, our original write-ups — with scores, links to their NYT wedding announcements, and photos (in some cases) — appear after the jump.
But if you’re ready to vote, here’s the poll:

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law library librarians hot hottest hotties Above the Law legal blog.JPGYesterday we posted the female nominees for America’s hottest law librarian. But we know it’s the men you really want to see. From an email:

We’re all waiting for the male nominees with bated breath. I’m sure there’s a Daniel Craig hiding in a row of US Reports somewhere….

We’ll let you be the judge. The hot male law librarians are a smaller group than the women. But there are still some impressive contenders in the bunch, despite its modest size.
You can check them out, in all of their masculine-yet-bookish glory, after the jump.

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law library librarians hot hottest hotties Above the Law legal blog.JPGEarlier this month, we began accepting nominations in Above the Law’s exciting Law Librarian Hotties Contest. We received some excellent submissions — librarians so hot that if you saw them in the stacks, you’d drop that Am. Jur. on your foot.

Now it’s time to announce the nominees. We’ll start with the women; the men will follow in due course. To kick things off, some words from a librarian at the U.S. Supreme Court:

To quote President Bush, “As Sam [Alito] and I both know, you can’t go wrong marrying a librarian.” Good luck to all your contestants!

You may not agree with most (or any) of George W. Bush’s actions. But marrying Laura Bush — who did have a “real job,” as a librarian (sorry, Teresa Heinz Kerry) — was probably one of the Decider’s best decisions.

If you’d like to follow the president’s lead, and find a librarian of your own to marry, we have some candidates for your consideration. To “check out” (hehe) America’s hottest law librarians, take a peek at what lies after the jump.

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Last week we posted this photo, with captions:
“Speaking of asking people out, have you ever seen a tax law professor bust a move?”
Paul Caron Shari Motro TaxProf Blog  Above the Law.JPG
“Well, now you have.”
For the record, these captions can be read in more than one way. Was Professor Paul Caron hitting on Professor Shari Motro (profiled here)? Or was it the other way around?
Within the legal blogsophere, Professor Caron is a total rock star. And what’s a rock star without groupies?
(Digression: Speaking of Professor Caron, he has prepared this handy list of teaching fellowships for aspiring law professors. It’s a great resource for those of you interested in legal academia.)
By the way, after we chastised Professor Caron for wearing a button-down shirt with a suit, the good professor wrote us as follows:

I showed my students your comment about the button down shirt and asked them to vote on whether your fashion sense was correct about button down shirts with suits — maybe it is a Midwest v. East Coast thing (or perhaps they were just sucking up to me), but the students voted 85% v. 15% in favor of the button downs.

Update/clarification: We can’t believe we even have to do this. But for the record, a “button-down shirt” refers to a shirt with a button-down collar.
Time for an ATL reader poll:

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ATL poll results Jim Herrick cartoon plaintiffs lawyers attorneys Above the Law.jpgRemember that editorial cartoon from “Bench & Bar,” the journal of the Kentucky Bar Association? Some lawyers objected to the cartoon as offensive and inappropriate for the Association’s journal.
We viewed it as non-offensive, but only moderately humorous (capable of inducing a chuckle, but not a belly laugh). You seem to agree, according to the poll results shown at right.
We’re pleased by these results. Delicate sensibilities can be a liability for lawyers — and blog readers, too.
Some additional thoughts on the cartoon from Walter Olson, with whom we recently had lunch, are available here.
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Aaron Charney solo firm headshot Aaron B Charney Aaron Brett Charney Above the Law ATL.JPGIn response to yesterday’s post about Aaron Charney’s fabulous new apartment, two comments were made that caught our eye:

“Looks like Charney is going to default both on his complaint and his mortgage. Plus there’s no way he gets $820k for his condo in this market when he has to sell it. I’d say poor kid, but he brought it on himself.”

“Maybe Charney can sell the movie rights to his story or something now, since a multimillion dollar settlement ain’t happening. Alas, that movie has already been done (‘Philadelphia’). Oh well, there’s always Playgirl magazine, I’m sure they’d be happy to have him pose.”

This got us thinking: What should Aaron Charney do next?
Time for an ATL reader poll:

We’ve left an “Other” option in case any of you have suggestions for Aaron Charney’s future. Please place them in the comments. Depending upon the vote tallies, we may then hold a run-off, between the most popular of the existing options and/or the best new options that you suggest. Thanks!
Update: We dislike the idea of dignifying this with a response, but we assure you: We are NOT Loyola 2L.

law library Above the Law.jpgYesterday we announced our next hotties contest here at Above the Law: Law Librarians!!!
If there’s a hot legal librarian that you’d like to nominate, we are now accepting your submissions. To learn about how to make a nomination, please click here.
Since we announced the contest yesterday, nominees have been rolling in like book carts. We think you’ll be quite impressed by the final slates of candidates.
We did want to clarify one thing about the contest. It is open to ALL attractive law librarians — whether they’re at law schools, private law firms, courthouses, or any other law-related workplace. There was some language in the original post, since removed, that erroneously indicated that the contest was restricted to “law school librarians.” This is NOT the case.
As for how the language wound up there, it was through careless cutting and pasting. Just like transactional lawyers, we bloggers rely upon “precedents” — past documents that we adapt or crib from to make new ones. For the post announcing the law librarian hotties contest, we lifted some boilerplate from our prior contest for hot law school deans. We removed the word “dean,” but we accidentally left in the word “school.”
Hence the confusion, for which we apologize. Consider this a cautionary tale about the perils of ctrl-C, ctrl-V.
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law library Above the Law.jpgWhen it comes to legal hotties contests, Above the Law is a market leader — and everybone else has yet to match.
We’re previously held beauty contests for America’shottest ERISA lawyers, law school deans, and 3L students at NYU Law. And we have tons of ideas for future contests.
We asked for your help in picking our next contest. Here’s how you voted:
ATL poll results hotties hottie contest competition law library librarian.JPG
That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to ATL’s latest hotties contest: LAW LIBRARIANS!!!
It’s not as strange as it might seem. Librarians get a bad rap; they’re regarded as frumpy and, well, bookish. But we know there are lots of hot legal librarians out there just waiting to be discovered.
To name just one, there’s the fun and fabulous Martha-Ann Alito, the wife of Justice Samuel A. Alito. They met when he was an assistant U.S. attorney in Newark, New Jersey, and she was the USAO’s law librarian. Some people find their angels in the centerfold; Sam Alito found his in the center stacks!
Okay, time for contest logistics. Do you know a hot law librarian — whether at a law school, a law firm, a courthouse, or elsewhere — who deserves to be considered?
Please check out the nomination rules and guidelines, which appear after the jump. Thanks!

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H Rodgin Cohen 2 Chairman Aaron B Charney Aaron Brett Charney Sullivan Cromwell Above the Law Above the Law Above the Law ATL legal tabloid legal blog.JPGIn the reader poll to pick a nickname for the litigation between gay lawyer Aaron Charney and his former employer, Biglaw behemoth Sullivan & Cromwell, we were rooting for “Sullying Cromwell.”
We thought it was reasonably cute and nicely captured the essence of the litigation. We viewed “Brokeback Lawfirm” as a bit dated, and “White Shoe Diaries” as too opaque.
But we’ve been outvoted — just as we were when we tried to push “Noajeannie” over “Feldsuk” as the mono-moniker for celebrity professors Noah Feldman and Jeannie Suk. And we will listen to the will of the people.
We kept the polls open for a while, in the hope that the results would change. But there’s one clear winner, and gaming the timing won’t change the results:
ATL reader poll results Aaron Charney Sullivan Cromwell Brokeback Lawfirm.JPG
To the devoted partisans of “White Shoe Diaries,” we’re sorry. Your tastes are too refined and too erudite for the gutter world of tabloid journalism.
As we think about it a bit more, “Brokeback Lawfirm” is growing on us. It has a “so bad it’s good” quality to it. It’s kinda lame, but defiant rather than embarrassed about its lameness. We think it will do just fine.

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