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Isn’t Jewel v. Boxer a great case name? Doesn’t it sound like one of the classics of the 1L curriculum, right up there with Pierson v. Post, Hawkins v. McGee, and International Shoe?

It is definitely a case that lawyers ought to know. This appellate decision, handed down by a California court in 1984, remains the leading case on how to divvy up attorneys’ fees generated by cases that were still in progress at the time of a law firm’s dissolution. Dewey care about this case? Absolutely.

But Jewel might not maintain its status as the key precedent on so-called “unfinished business,” at least if one judge has anything to say about it. Check out an interesting ruling that just came down from the Southern District of New York, arising out of one of the biggest Biglaw bankruptcies of recent years….

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Salary Cuts.jpgThe list of firms cutting associate salaries keeps growing. Yesterday, the Connecticut-based firm Robinson & Cole reduced all associate and counsel salaries by $10,000. According to the Connecticut Law Tribune:

On Wednesday, Hartford-based Robinson & Cole, which has about 240 attorneys, confirmed that it has decided to cut associates’ and counsel’s annual salaries by $10,000. The pay cuts are effective immediately and affect incoming and current associates and counsel in all nine offices in the Northeast and Florida.

Discussions about salary cuts began last month, according to Anne Elvgren, chief marketing officer at Robinson & Cole.

First years at Robinson are getting dangerously close to losing the six figure dream:

Starting salaries vary by office, according to law firm officials, but entry-level attorneys earn $115,000 at Robinson & Cole, according to information the firm provided to NALP, the association for legal career professionals.

After the jump, we wonder how Robinson’s managing partner is enjoying his new gig.

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Robinson cole logo.JPGLet’s start with the good news. Robinson & Cole, a well known Connecticut-based firm, has named a new managing partner. John B. Lynch (Holy Cross undergrad, UVA law school) was elected managing partner of the firm yesterday. Congratulations.

Sadly, it appears that one of his first acts was to layoff associates and staff. Thirty people are out today at Robinson & Cole. Above the Law just obtained the following press release:

Robinson & Cole has eliminated 11 counsel and associate attorneys, and 19 support staff positions. These cutbacks are taking place among the firm’s seven offices in the Northeast. Other prudent expense reductions will be made across the firm.

“Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.”

On the bright side, all systems are a “go” for Robinson in terms of incoming first years and the 2009 summer program. That’s pretty good news in today’s market.

Read the full statement from Robinson & Cole after the jump. Good luck to our brothers in UCONN territory.

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