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Bruno: coming to a courtroom near you?

* Let’s just be honest… if your boobs have been on Girls Gone Wild, no one really cares about your good name — apparently not even you. [Washington Post]

* The Supreme Court is more pro-business than it used to be. Did I just step out of a DeLorean? We knew this last January (or even earlier — say, 2008). [Bloomberg]

* The latest Sacha Baron Cohen litigant says he was roughed up on the set of “Bruno.” But did he have to protect himself from a dildo? [Associated Press]

* Vince McMahon dropped the Corporate Elbow on Connecticut’s Secretary of State with this smackdown of a lawsuit. I know way too many wrestling terms — thanks, boyfriend. [Hartford Courant]

* The only war that France ever won was against its own people. Maybe they’re hoping that lightning will strike twice with this new antipiracy law. [Wall Street Journal]

* Minorities in New York get stopped and frisked more often than whites. In other news, the sun is shiny, and the sky is blue. Now give me my $375 an hour. [New York Times]

Tony La Russa sues Twitter.jpg* The manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, Tony La Russa, is suing Twitter over a fake Twitter account bearing his name. I have the same problem (real me = ElieNYC). But unlike La Russa, I don’t have a J.D. from Florida State or Albert Pujols on my side. [ESPN]
* The Senate Judiciary Committee has posted Sotomayor’s responses to the standard questionnaire for SCOTUS nominees. [Committee on the Judiciary; or PDF (one document)]
* British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is reshuffling deck chairs his cabinet in an attempt to keep his job. [BBC]
* Will the Palm Pre become a serious challenger to the iPhone? I bet there’s a iPhone Application that can tell you. [New York Times]
* Disney has been accused of polluting groundwater. This wouldn’t be a problem if Wall-E’s girlfriendbot could do something useful. [Courthouse News Service]
* It’s not entirely clear if Bill killed himself. (Too soon?) [CNN]
* Sacha Baron Cohen is a lean, mean, legal fee machine. [WSJ Law Blog]

outsourcing biglaw aba tsunami.gifWhenever we talk about outsourcing, a number of commenters disparage the quality of work provided by less expensive, foreign lawyers. But jingoistic rhetoric isn’t going to do anything to stop the movement of legal work offshore. Indian lawyers scored a major victory yesterday, as a suit against Sacha Baron Cohen was tossed out of L.A. Superior Court.

The suit alleged that Cohen (performing as Ali G) suggested he had sex with a woman (who is referred to as “Jane Doe” in the lawsuit) during an “interview” with Gore Vidal. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Terry Friedman threw out the suit. He ruled:

No reasonable person could consider the statements made by Ali G on the program to be factual. To the contrary, it is obvious that the Ali G character is absurd, and all his statements are gibberish and intended as comedy. The actor, Sacha Baron Cohen, never strays from the Ali G character, who is dressed in a ridiculous outfit and speaks in the exaggerated manner of a rap artist. Ali G’s statements are similarly absurd. For example, prior to the reference to Plaintiff, while ‘interviewing’ the author Gore Vidal, Ali G refers to the Constitution of the United States as having been written on two tablets, clearly intended to confuse the Constitution with the Ten Commandments. Altogether, the program is obviously a spoof of a serious interview program. No reasonable person could think otherwise.

It’s an important victory for comedy performers. But who did the lion’s share of the legal grunt work on the case? That would be an Indian law firm under the supervision of SmithDehn.

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