Saddam Hussein

* Sucks to be a plaintiff’s lawyer. [Business Week via How Appealing]
* Classy. [CNN]
* The whole lynch-mob-style execution thing was not our idea. [Jurist]
* Westar convictions overturned. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Detention of three legal immigrants at Port of Miami evidently amounts to nothing; the whole thing was a “misunderstanding”. [AP via Yahoo!]

(Yes, this is ridiculously late. But we hope, for the love of God, that you don’t rely upon us for real legal news. News aggregation is not our primary purpose, and there are many other sites that do it better and faster.)
* Now that President Ford has passed away, everyone must write the obligatory article about his long-lived SCOTUS appointment, Justice John Paul Stevens. [Chicago Tribune, ABC News, Los Angeles Times,; all via How Appealing]
* State bars tend to give government lawyers a wide berth. So when a bar brings ethics charges against a prosecutor, you know something stinks to high heaven. [Associated Press]
* Videotaping an execution is pretty grotesque. But then again, it’s probably no more disturbing than this video. [CBS News]
* You can accuse the Catholic Church of many things; but selective application of their teachings is probably not one of them. The Vatican opposes the death penalty even for Saddam Hussein. [Associated Press]
* Speaking of death penalty cases, the Supreme Court’s incredible shrinking docket may be getting even smaller. [SCOTUSblog]
* Biglaw + Racial Issues = Lively Blog Comment Threads. [Overlawyered; WSJ Law Blog]
* Tax lawyers at Cravath aren’t the only ones with a weakness for underage girls. [Associated Press]
* Oyez, oyez: Interested in an administrative gig that pays over $150K? The Second Circuit is seeking a new Clerk of Court. [2nd Circuit (PDF) via How Appealing]

saddam hussein.jpg* Not to be cynical (you know that’s not like me), but was there ever any doubt about this? Several links to coverage of Saddam’s fate at How Appealing. [How Appealing]
* So, word is there are some elections coming up tomorrow. And, um, they must be important, or something. Check this out. []
* The prosecution must have used up its peremptory strikes before it noticed the two Swedish-businessmen-car-thieves left in the pool. []
* Speaking of elections: Boy, I tell ya; everytime you back a rebellion to oust them, they just vote ‘em back in 16 years later. But hey, democracy lives, right? [AP via Yahoo! News]
* Yeah, yeah, yeah. What I wanna know is, are they gonna bust him for buying the meth? I mean, we’ve got a live on CNN confession. [AP via Online Athens]