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    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 11.23.15

    * Will it ever be easier to meet the challenge of proving you’ve got an undue hardship so you can discharge your law school student loan debts in bankruptcy? Your fate may rest in the hands of this indebted Florida Coastal Law grad and his petition for certiorari at the Supreme Court. [US Law Week Blog / Bloomberg]

    * Hate crimes still happen, even at this prestigious law school: Amid increased racial turbulence on campus, the Harvard University Police Department is now investigating the defacing of black law professors’ portraits as a hate crime. [ABC News]

    * UVA Law recently joined the minority of law schools that have women serving as dean. Pop your collars with pride, because legal historian Risa Goluboff will take over as the school’s first female dean this July. Congratulations! [Richmond Times-Dispatch]

    * Gordon Rees has settled its lawsuit against Alex Rodriguez over the baseball player’s outstanding legal bills, totaling more than $380,000. The terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed, but we have a feeling that the firm hit it out of the park. [NBC New York]

    * Try before you buy or a bid to increase tourism? Alaska is making bold moves now that it’s legalized marijuana for recreational use. It’ll be the first state to allow the social use of the drug “in public,” i.e., inside pot dispensaries that have yet to open. [Cannabist]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 11.20.15

    * Stingrays — no, not the kind that killed the Crocodile Hunter, but the kind that are used to determine cell phone locations and intercept messages — have been deemed by a judge as too powerful for law enforcement to use without safeguards. [Ars Technica]

    * On the ethics of misrepresentations in negotiations. [Associate’s Mind]

    * You shouldn’t have to feel bad about billing 2,000 hours — even if everyone around you is billing 2,500. [Bashful Buffalo Marketing]

    * The latest buzz from the world of family law: judge rules a divorced couple’s frozen embryos should be destroyed. [LA Times]

    * The controversy surrounding the new documentary The Hunting Ground about sexual assault on campus features an incident at Harvard Law School. [Slate]

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  • Justice Antonin Scalia (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

    Antonin Scalia, Elena Kagan, SCOTUS

    Is Scalia The Best Supreme Court Justice Of All Time?

    If not Scalia, who do you think is the best SCOTUS justice of all time?

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  • Harvard Law hate crime

    Law Schools, Racism

    I Don’t Care About The ‘Hate’ Crime At Harvard Law School, And Neither Should You

    It’s not a hate crime, it’s a troll, there’s gotta be a difference.

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  • Which justice will be next?!

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    Trivia Question of the Day

    Legal Luminaries Can Be Such Show Offs

    Who is this legal hot shot?

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  • Larry Lessig


    Whose Fault Is It Harvard Law Prof Larry Lessig Had To Quit Running For President?

    Larry Lessig withdrew from the presidential race, but not without a few parting shots.

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  • Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 11.04.15

    * Fans of this man’s dopey mugshot grin will be sad if they’re deprived of another jailhouse picture, but lawyers for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton want their client’s securities fraud indictment to be tossed over what they claim was a faulty grand jury investigation. [Reuters]

    * Friday is apparently “Love Your Lawyer Day,” and the ABA recently passed a resolution to commemorate this special day every year. Biglaw firms can show their love for lawyers by announcing bigger, better bonuses! [Big Law Business / Bloomberg BNA]

    * Alabama thinks the legal fees and costs that are being requested by attorneys in the state’s landmark same-sex marriage decision are “entirely excessive” and should be “cut dramatically.” It’s not like these lawyers had to “reinvent the wheel” or anything. []

    * “I may be known in tiny corners of the tubes of the Internet, but I am not well-known to the American public generally.” One-issue Democratic candidate Professor Lawrence Lessig of Harvard Law School is dropping out of the presidential race. [Boston Globe]

    * It’s high time you joined the green rush, lawyers: although Ohioans voted against legalizing marijuana yesterday, more and more states are adding ballot measures for the legalization of marijuana or medical marijuana to be voted on in 2016. [Washington Post]

    * “I’m glad Houston led tonight to end this constant political-correctness attack.” In other election news, voters in Texas repealed an LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance that would’ve prevented bias related to several important areas in life. [New York Times]

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  • Janice Dickinson (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty)

    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 11.03.15

    * For the horde! If you thought Dentons was done gobbling up law firms to create its international legion of lawyers, then you were dead wrong. The firm will likely merge with 500-lawyer Australian firm Gadens and 200-lawyer Singaporean firm Rodyk & Davidson in 2016. [Reuters]

    * Thanks to this ruling, lawyers for model Janice Dickinson may depose Bill Cosby in the defamation case she filed against him after he denied raping her. Cosby’s former lawyer, Martin Singer, who the comedian recently dumped for Quinn Emanuel, may be deposed as well. [Los Angeles Times]

    * If daylight saving time has been messing with your head, you’ll feel better to know that even the Supreme Court was having trouble with the time. Both clocks in the SCOTUS courtroom were hours behind thanks to an electrical malfunction. [WSJ Law Blog]

    * Law school graduates have been having a rough time when it comes to bar passage in recent years, but Biglaw firms likely have nothing to worry about — in fact, many partners didn’t even know a problem like this was happening. [Big Law Business / Bloomberg BNA]

    * “[T]he Harvard crest . . . should be a source of shame for the whole school.” According to a student movement at Harvard Law that’s been dubbed “Royall Must Fall,” the school was endowed by a “brutal” slaveowner and yet still bears his family’s seal. [Harvard Crimson]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 10.29.15

    * “Coming to SCOTUS: Battle of the dueling interpretive canons.” [LAWnLinguisitcs]

    * Fun fact: the highest scorer on the July 2015 Florida bar exam didn’t even go to law school in Florida. [Daily Business Review]

    * What is “Lean Law,” and how can it help you in your legal practice? [Law Reboot]

    * Additional information from Bob Ambrogi about the big announcement by Harvard Law and Ravel Law today. [LawSites]

    *” I felt kind of stupid.” A Georgia man fled the courtroom just minutes before being acquitted. [New York Daily News]

    * Dahlia Lithwick on Dale Cox, the Louisiana prosecutor who wants to “cold cock” defense counsel. [Slate]

    * Are you “a Yuppie, professional or other generic dweeb between the ages of 22 and 82″? Here’s an idea worth considering. [What About Paris?]

    * Former Wachtell Lipton lawyer Stephanie Lee and her Skybuds colleagues are 90 percent of the way to their Kickstarter goal — and they still have 20 days left in the campaign. [Kickstarter]

    * I’ll be speaking next week at the Los Angeles LMA chapter’s Continuing Marketing Education Conference next week; I hope to see some of you there! [Legal Marketing Association]

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