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  • Sorry, Miss Colombia... (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 12.23.15

    * It’s the Miss Universe pageant lawsuit you’ve all been waiting for: attorneys at a Colombian law firm say they will be filing suit due to Miss Colombia’s crowning and de-crowning, noting “the crown is an acquired right that cannot be taken away from us.” [WGNO]

    * The Federal Circuit handed down a major ruling yesterday, saying that the government can no longer bar the registration of offensive trademarks due to restrictions on free speech. This will likely be appealed to SCOTUS, but the Redskins must be pretty pumped. [Reuters]

    * In an effort to avoid another Kim Davis fiasco (and to protect clerks’ religious beliefs), Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has signed an executive order directing that his state prepare new marriage licenses without the names of county clerks. [Associated Press]

    * Lil Wayne may be a “motherf**kin’ cash money millionaire,” but he reportedly can’t spare the cash to pay his attorneys’ fees. This marks the second time in recent months that he’s been sued for allegedly failing to pay his lawyers what they’re owed. [SPIN]

    * Lakeisha Holloway, the woman accused of using her car to mow down and kill a pedestrian and injure many others on the Las Vegas Strip, has been charged with murder with a deadly weapon. She faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. [NBC News]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 12.04.15

    * “MSNBC embarrasses itself inside San Bernardino attackers’ apartment. Un-freaking-believable, even for MSNBC. And why did the FBI allow this?” [Instapundit]

    * The latest additions to the Supreme Court docket — will SCOTUS come to the rescue of Puerto Rico? [How Appealing]

    * Judge removed from office for trying to pressure his clerk into having a “special friend” relationship. [Associated Press]

    * Additional (and actually earlier) coverage of the “questionable entertainment” at a lawyers’ seminar in Las Vegas. [South Florida Lawyers]

    * A $30 casebook? Where can law students sign up? [TaxProf Blog]

    * Tips from Dan Binstock for how to get a signing bonus when you make a lateral move. [The Careerist]

    * How can Asian-American lawyers break through the “bamboo ceiling”? A report from the GC roundtable discussion hosted by Major, Lindsey & Africa. [Corporate Counsel]

    * Luis Salazar and Linda Jackson — founding partners of Salazar Jackson, an innovative new boutique firm — really (really, really) like their Post-it notes. [Daily Business Review]

    * Stanford law professor Deborah L. Rhode, author of The Trouble with Lawyers (affiliate link), calls out Biglaw firms for their weak pro bono efforts. [Big Law Business / Bloomberg BNA]

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  • Gambling and the law

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    The Old School Days Of Legalized Gambling Were A Heady Time

    DraftKings and FanDuel are getting a lot of press these days, but it all started in Vegas, baby!

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    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 09.18.15

    * The outcomes of misconduct complaints against members of the federal judiciary will now be posted online for your viewing pleasure to “provide for greater transparency” — and schadenfreude. This could wind up being entertaining, so keep your eyes peeled. [WSJ Law Blog]

    * Apparently there are people out there who don’t know that law schools are in trouble and have been for a while, which is certainly news to us. See how the dean of UNLV School of Law explains the “new normal” to a human interest writer. [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

    * The White House just launched a nationwide movement to encourage legal immigrants in America to become U.S. citizens. What a happy coincidence that this campaign will likely add millions of voters to the rolls just in time for Election 2016. [New York Times]

    * Per a report from The Real Deal, real estate practices are heating up in Biglaw firms across New York City. Firms like Fried Frank, Skadden, and Proskauer are expanding their real estate groups, so be on the lookout, laterals. [Big Law Business / Bloomberg BNA]

    * Harvard Law is supposed to be overseeing the rollout of a new Title IX program for the reporting of sexual harassment, but so many of the administrators who were in charge of its implementation have left that its come to a standstill. Oopsie! [Harvard Crimson]

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  • ILTACON 2015

    Conferences / Symposia, Technology

    The Culture Of ILTACON

    The big ILTA conference, taking place right now in Las Vegas, is both informative and fun.

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  • Free speech restrict USE

    Defamation, Politics

    New Nevada Bill Is A SLAPP In The Face Of Free Speech

    Why is a bill that nearly everyone hates gaining steam in the legislature?

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    Non-Sequiturs: 12.15.14

    * Allegations abound that Tori Spelling’s signature was forged on a bunch of settlement documents. But she says it’s hers. What wacky adventures will Donna Martin get into next? [National Enquirer]

    * A reminder to send in those holiday card contest submissions by Wednesday! We’ve seen some fun ones so far, but don’t let your firm be left out. [Above the Law]

    * The 11th Circuit’s ECF system appears to be infected with a virus. Crackerjack technology work there. [South Florida Lawyers]

    * Nothing really new here, but it’s a very specific, personal account of the broken law school model. [The Gazette (Cedar Rapids)]

    * Meanwhile, Dean Daniel Hamilton of UNLV Law joins the chorus of deans pitching the “because everyone’s figured out law school’s a bad deal it’s suddenly become a good deal.” [Vegas Seven]

    * Aaron Sorkin stands up for his Hollywood buddies and that means he’s fig leafing rampant racism and sexism. [Redline]

    * Former SF mayor Willie Brown is confused by the nomination of Leondra Kruger to the California Supreme Court because she lives in D.C. He asks whether “there [were] no qualified African Americans in California?” Perhaps, but as a former SCOTUS clerk, Chicago Law instructor, U.S. deputy assistant attorney general, and assistant to the solicitor general there are few more qualified people anywhere for this job. [SF Gate]

    * There’s been a void in all our hearts since we lost the genius UChiLawGo Tumblr. Hopefully its intellectual successor can fill that void. [UChiLawls]

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  • Justice Joan Orie Melvin

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    Morning Docket: 10.08.14

    * How are Nevada and Idaho officials reacting to yesterday’s Ninth Circuit ruling striking down gay marriage bans in those states, and how soon might marriages get underway? [BuzzFeed]

    * In other LGBT legal news, New York City is likely to make it easier for transgender individuals to amend their birth certificates. [New York Times]

    * Good news for Joan Orie Melvin, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice turned convicted felon: her unorthodox sentence has been stayed (again). [How Appealing]

    * Eduardo Leite, who has led Baker & McKenzie since 2010, gets another two years at the helm of Biglaw’s biggest firm. [American Lawyer]

    * Cravath associate Micaela McMurrough scores a victory in tax court for artists. [New York Times]

    * The ABA has issued a new opinion addressing ethical issues raised during the sale of a law practice. [American Bar Association]

    * Why do lawyers blog? Tim Baran of Rocket Matter talks to 23 of us. [Legal Productivity]

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