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The 2007 Weblog AwardsOkay, we get it. We’ve made our peace with the fact that ATL is going to come in second behind the Volokh Conspiracy in the 2007 Weblog Awards. The voting ends tomorrow, and at the current time, we’re behind by over 300 votes.
That’s fine. The VC has been around longer, so it has the claim of seniority. And as a group blog by law professors, it has multiple bloggers who can get all their friends — and their students — to vote. Coming in second behind the Conspiracy would be a badge of honor.
But it would be nice if we could make the margin of defeat a little smaller. While you wait for more bonus news, please click here, and vote for ATL. Thanks!
Best Law Blog [The 2007 Weblog Awards]
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What’s Your Favorite Law Blog?

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? If you’ll be in New York tomorrow, attend this luncheon and panel discussion, sponsored by New York Law School’s Program in Law and Journalism:

Reporting the Law: A Year-End Review

November 8, 2007
12:15 p.m. Lunch — 12:45 p.m. Panel Discussion

Stiefel Reading Room, New York Law School
57 Worth Street
New York, New York

The panel, moderated by Lis Wiehl (Fox News), will consist of Lisa Bloom (Court TV), Mark Obbie (Carnegie Legal Reporting Program), Jeanine Pirro (former Westchester District Attorney), and yours truly. There’s no fee, but you do need to register, by sending an email to plj at nyls dot edu.
More details about the panel, including participant bios, after the jump.

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Aaron Charney headshot Aaron B Charney Aaron Brett Charney.JPGThe settlement of the litigation between Aaron Charney and Sullivan & Cromwell is not even two weeks old, but we miss the case already. So that’s why we decided to write about the case for our column in this week’s New York Observer:

So exactly how much did it cost Sullivan & Cromwell to make Aaron Charney go away? That’s the parlor game New York lawyers have been playing since late last month, when a settlement was reached between the white-shoe law firm and its former associate, who had sued S&C for sexual-orientation discrimination. Most memorably, Charney said that a partner dropped a document on the floor and told him to “bend over and pick it up—I’m sure you like that.”

Although it was a P.R. nightmare for S&C—where’s Michael Clayton when you need him?—Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell offered countless hours of entertainment and schadenfreude for the Big Law chattering class. The lawsuit was first filed in January, so it took nine months to deliver this baby.

From S&C’s perspective, Rosemary’s. You can read the rest of the column over here. (For the irony-impaired among you, please note that our “calculations,” with their mock precision, are not to be taken seriously.)
One more observation about the case, after the jump.

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Future of Reputation small Daniel Solove Dan Solove Above the Law blog.jpg* Are you in DC and looking for something cool to do later tonight? Attend the talk and book signing for Professor Daniel Solove’s latest work, The Future of Reputation (previously discussed here). [Concurring Opinions]
* Are lawyers really a**holes? Or are they just doing their jobs? [WSJ Law Blog]
* Some thoughts on possibly increased bank regulation, from our colleague, John Carney: “Resistance to a new wave of banking regulation requiring bank breakups and dividing Wall Street according to regulatory fiats rather than market demand is likely to be weak in an era when many think the financial supermarket model has failed…. No one expends much time, money or energy defending a right to do something they don’t want to do anyway.” [DealBreaker]
* Don’t forget to vote for ATL! Even if you did so before, you can do so again — once every 24 hours, ending November 8th. [2007 Weblog Awards]

The 2007 Weblog AwardsThanks to everyone who answered our plea and nominated Above the Law as “Best Law Blog,” in the 2007 Weblog Awards. We’re pleased to announce that ATL is one of the finalists.
Now we need your help once again. We’re getting our a** kicked by the Volokh Conspiracy, which is currently leading the voting for Best Law Blog, with 49.5 percent of the vote (compared to ATL’s measly 9 percent). If you’d like the associate compensation and bonus coverage to keep coming, please click here, and vote for ATL.
You can vote in the poll once every 24 hours, and the polls will remain open until November 8. So please vote for ATL, early and often. Thanks!
P.S. Is our campaigning undignified? Maybe. But ATL has never been about dignity (except for the stripping of it). And if distinguished law professors like Glenn Reynolds and Eugene Volokh are campaigning, then surely it’s appropriate for us to do so.
Best Law Blog [The 2007 Weblog Awards]
2007 Weblog Awards [Volokh Conspiracy]
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Here is the latest Job of the Week, courtesy of ATL’s career partner, Lateral Link. To refresh your recollection:

“Because Lateral Link does no cold-calling and is more efficient than traditional recruiting firms, successful candidates receive $10,000 upon placement.”

Position Title: Trial Attorney
Position Description: An innovative, New York-based litigation boutique seeks a well-credentialed, mid-level litigation associate. This firm has 14 attorneys and is well-known for its select group of prestigious private and institutional clients, including celebrities, executives and directors at Fortune 100 companies, top-tier investment banks, and prominent private equity firms. The scope of the firm’s work includes complex civil litigation as well as regulatory and criminal investigations.
Requirements: Top 10 law school; law review and/or federal clerkship is a plus.
To apply for this position, or to learn about other career opportunities, please visit
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Cadwalader Wickersham Taft CWT Abovethelaw Above the Law legal tabloid blog.JPGIn our latest column for the New York Observer, we shine the spotlight on a firm that has figured prominently in these pages lately:

Founded in 1792, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft is “the oldest continuing Wall Street law practice in the United States,” as its website proudly notes. Name partner George Wickersham was attorney general under President Taft, and name partner Henry Taft was the president’s brother.

In addition to being one of New York’s oldest firms, Cadwalader is also one of the most lucrative. Last year, it was the city’s third-most-profitable law firm, behind perennial leaders Wachtell and Cravath.

But in the past few months, CWT has hosted some rather surprising visitors—at least by the standards of a prestigious, white-shoe law firm.

Some of these visitors will be familiar to ATL readers, but one will not. You can read the whole piece — and view a rather odd photo of Cameron Diaz and CWT litigation chair Gregory Markel — over here.
Update: If you’re wondering about the identity of the Pimp, the mystery has been solved! Peter Lattman has the scoop over at the WSJ Law Blog.
Cadwalader’s Strange Visitors [New York Observer]

Here is the latest Job of the Week, courtesy of ATL’s career partner, Lateral Link. To refresh your recollection:

“Because Lateral Link does no cold-calling and is more efficient than traditional recruiting firms, successful candidates receive $10,000 upon placement.”

Position: M&A Associate (Media)
Description: This highly sought after media and advertising law firm is seeking a mid-level associate with a strong M&A background to work on media and advertising-related deals. Work primarily involves private transactions, but will have the occasional public transaction.
Founded over hundred years ago, this firm is renowned as the top marketing communications law firm in the world, representing four of the largest advertising agency holding companies. The firm is remarkable in the fact that it maintains worldwide leadership in a key field of law with only 100 attorneys, based in a single office in New York City. Having grown from less than 40 attorneys in the 1990s, the firm serves clients in a full range of practice areas, including corporate governance, litigation, M&A, employment practices and executive benefits and compensation, intellectual property, new media, real estate, taxation and estate planning. The firm also enjoys a sterling reputation among not only its major advertising and marketing communications clients, but among its attorneys as well. The firm has a one-to-one partner to associate ratio and is regarded as an unusually rewarding, reinforcing and humane place to work.
Position Requirements: Four to six years of experience. M&A background, top credentials, good personality.
To apply for this position, or to learn about other career opportunities, please visit
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trophy 2 eyes on the prize.jpgHey look! Nominations are now being accepted for Best Law Blog.
We have shame enough not to nominate ATL. But not enough to express the hope that someone else might — before Monday, when the nomination process closes.
Hope you’re having a great weekend!
Update: Thanks for the nomination! You can second the nomination by clicking on the little plus sign.
Best Law Blog [The 2007 Weblog Awards via How Appealing]
Most Popular Law Blogs [Blawg Review]
P.S. Also, thanks to everyone who responded to our last shameless plug. Because of your generosity, we’re now just $45 short of our fundraising goal for the New York City marathon. See here.
(Before the shameless plug, we were $725 shy of the mark. So thanks, ATL readers, for joining the fight against cancer!)

Here is the latest Job of the Week, courtesy of ATL’s career partner, Lateral Link. To refresh your recollection:

“Because Lateral Link does no cold-calling and is more efficient than traditional recruiting firms, successful candidates receive $10,000 upon placement.”

Position: Hedge Fund Specialist
Description: A $3+ billion hedge fund based in Greenwich, CT, is seeking a candidate to handle Hedge Fund and RIC taxation. The day-to-day responsibility is for fund group’s second stand-alone fund, a RIC. The Company handles special situations, event-driven, and distressed and focuses on five lines of business: bank debt, capital structure arbitrage, special situations / classical distressed, rescue finance, and direct lending.
* Work with tax director on fund structuring for and deal structuring for funds.
* Coordinate quarterly and annual RIC compliance in conjunction with Big Four firm engaged to do significant compliance and consulting work and prepare returns
* Analysis of fund’s deal activity to determine when tax treatment/timing differs from GAAP books
* Calculation of monthly tax provision for corporate subsidiaries
Position Requirements:
* Minimum 4 years tax experience, with significant hedge fund and/or RIC experience
* CPA preferred
* Self-motivated and works well in team environment
* Strong written / oral communication skills
* Ability to multi-task
* Bright, self-motivated person interested in working in collegial and professional environment that rewards quality productivity
To apply for this position, please visit

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