Shelby Highsmith

Miami 3 Above the Law legal tabloid blog.JPGWe’re still here in sun-kissed Miami, where we enjoyed meeting a small but lively group at yesterday’s happy hour. In a few hours, though, we’ll be heading back up to our home base in Washington, DC — where, sadly enough, we don’t enjoy vistas like the one at right.
Before we leave, here’s a final bit of local color (like yesterday’s post about that jailed court reporter — who was, by the way, released from jail last night). Today’s story concerns a dispute between a local blogger and a local MSM outlet.
David Oskar Markus, who writes the excellent Southern District of Florida Blog, recently reported that Judge Shelby Highsmith (S.D. Fla.) would be retiring at the end of the year (and declining criminal cases, which is his prerogative as a senior judge, as of March).
Then Julie Kay, of the Daily Business Review, did a little follow-up. She wrote a quasi-catty item saying that Markus was wrong, at least about Judge Highsmith retiring by the end of the year. (She confirmed that the judge will be going off the criminal wheel as of this month.)
In accuracy spats such as this one, people usually place their bets on the MSM. But based on things we’ve heard hither and thither, we’re going to go out on a limb here and predict that, as reported by David Markus, Judge Highsmith will step down from the bench by the end of 2007.
If you have any inside information on the good judge’s plans, feel free to share them with us. Thanks.
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