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Silda Wall Spitzer Harvard Law School Career Transitions Above the Law blog.jpgOkay, maybe not any more. Since her husband Eliot Spitzer’s prostitution scandal erupted on Monday, the First Lady of New York, Silda Wall Spitzer, has been canceling her public appearances. And even though Harvard Law School is her alma mater — and where she met her husband, although maybe that’s not a plus for her these days — we’re guessing it won’t be an exception to the rule.
Some background, from an HLS tipster:

Harvard Law School is having its first annual celebration of public interest [from March 13 to 15; see poster at right]. It looks like there will be some great talks.One still on the local advertising is Silda Wall Spitzer titled “Career Transitions.”

No joke. In an email sent out by the Office of Career Services on February 29, Mrs. Spitzer’s talk on “Career Transitions” was eagerly touted as a “New Addition!” to the program. It was scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, March 14. Hearing Silda Spitzer speak on “Career Transitions” would be oddly apropos, given that her husband is “transitioning” out of the Governor’s Mansion on Monday.
Speaking of “Career Transitions,” we’d love to see the highly accomplished Silda Wall Spitzer take a page from the Hillary Clinton playbook, and parlay her status as wounded wife into a political career of her own. Any thoughts on what office she might run for? If Hillary wins the presidency, could Silda Spitzer replace her in the United States Senate?
The full email promoting the celebration, and touting Silda Spitzer’s talk on “Career Transitions,” appears after the jump.

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Eliot Spitzer Governor Eliot Spitzer prostitute prostitution Above the Law blog.jpgNew York Governor Eliot Spitzer scheduled a news conference for 11:30 AM today. It appears that the governor is running late. We’re tuned in to CNN, and they just showed footage of the governor’s motorcade leaving from his Upper East Side apartment — previously profiled here (Fifth Avenue, 3BR/3BA, Central Park views) — to his offices downtown.
11:35 AM: The CNN commentators are saying that Governor Spitzer is planning to announce his resignation, but it apparently won’t take effect until Monday, March 17. This would give the governor a week to “take care of business.”
11:42: Governor Spitzer is in the building. It seems we’re about to get underway.
11:43: Governor Spitzer takes the podium and unfolds a small piece of paper; it looks like he’ll be speaking from notes. He’s wearing a dark suit and white shirt — the uniform of the upstanding prosecutor. But should he still be allowed to wear a white shirt? It’s like a super-slutty bride wearing white on her wedding day. Who are you fooling?
Governor Spitzer’s wife, Silda Wall Spitzer, is once again standing by her man — literally, and as she did on Monday. She’s wearing a dark suit and a fabulous scarf (red, blue, cream, and gold). But she looks a bit haggard, and her face bears a dead expression. She’s not a happy camper.
11:44: Governor Spitzer speaks. Expressions of remorse for what he did, and gratitude for his family’s love and support. Emphasis on “private” failings. Apologies to the people of New York for not living up to their public trust. No specific description of his indiscretions.
11:45: “I cannot allow my private failings to disturb the people’s work… For this reason, I am resigning from the Office of Governor.” At Lieutenant Governor David Paterson’s request, it will take effect on Monday, March 17.
11:46: Concludes by expressing thanks for “the privilege of service.” He borrowed that line from “Kristen.”
No questions. Governor Spitzer has left the podium and the room.
That’s all, folks. Nothing to see here; please move along.
Update: The full text of Eliot Spitzer’s resignation statement appears here.
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