Allison Margolin

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    Non-Sequiturs: 09.02.10

    * Wasn’t there a guy — black guy, big ears — who specifically tried to stop this kind of thing from happening? [AltTransport] * Are you a Biglaw associate with a family? You should despair check out this advice. [Life’s Work] * Tiny crustaceans have been found in New York City tap water, possibly rendering […]

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    Adventures in Lawyer Advertising: ‘The Dopest Attorney’

    Allison Margolin, whom we have written about before, is an HLS grad who practices law in Los Angeles. According to her website, she “handles all criminal cases from murder to medical marijuana.” But the latter would appear to be her passion, judging from how she wishes to be reached: You can call her at 1-888-DOPE-LAW. […]

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    Allison Margolin: “Lawyer Hot”

    Today’s Los Angeles Times has a profile of L.A. lawyer Allison Margolin. The article describes Margolin as “star-struck, young and unorthodox,” but also “Ivy League, savvy and successful.” The title of the piece — “A Law Unto Herself” — may promise more than the article delivers. But there are still some interesting tidbits: Matt Farrell, […]

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