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Allison Margolin, whom we have written about before, is an HLS grad who practices law in Los Angeles. According to her website, she “handles all criminal cases from murder to medical marijuana.” But the latter would appear to be her passion, judging from how she wishes to be reached:

  • You can call her at 1-888-DOPE-LAW.
  • You can check out her website at If you visit it, you will be greeted by the banner, “Have No Fear. LA’s Dopest Attorney is Here.”
  • You can e-mail her at
    When we were in L.A. in March, we spotted her ad in L.A. City Beat (a newspaper that has since folded). A tipster did us the favor of scanning it and sending it our way:
    LA's Dopest Attorney.jpg
    Her branding skills are dope, yo.
    We don’t know if Margolin was on law review during her days at Harvard Law School, but we do know she recently penned a legal editorial for stoners. Check out her argument against the prosecution of medipot growers in CelebStoner.
    U.S. Must Stop Prosecuting Medipot Growers [Celebstoner]
    Earlier: Allison Margolin: ‘Lawyer Hot’

  • Allison Margolin Above the Law Legal Blog.JPGToday’s Los Angeles Times has a profile of L.A. lawyer Allison Margolin. The article describes Margolin as “star-struck, young and unorthodox,” but also “Ivy League, savvy and successful.”
    The title of the piece — “A Law Unto Herself” — may promise more than the article delivers. But there are still some interesting tidbits:

    Matt Farrell, a video producer, needed an attorney after he had been charged with growing marijuana. He hired Allison Margolin, “L.A.’s dopest attorney,” on a friend’s recommendation.

    Farrell’s first impression was “she was hot.”

    Is Margolin “hot”? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder — but at the very least, she’s “lawyer hot.” Cf. being “book hot.”

    [Farrell's] second [impression] was doubt. She looked too young to be a lawyer.

    Then he saw the Ivy League degrees on her wall.

    Like actress Reese Witherspoon’s character in the movie “Legally Blonde” — a rich, ditsy Beverly Hills blond who goes to Harvard Law School — Margolin, 28, is the kind of lawyer who might be easy to dismiss. The graduate of Beverly Hills High talks like a Valley girl, preceding adjectives with “like” and using “whatever” as a period.

    OMG — this Margolin chick sounds totally rad!
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