Andrew Mollica

With both law school and the law school application season about to resume, let’s return to our popular series of Law School Success Stories. While we believe it’s important to provide our readers with accurate information about the perils of law school, including data about high lawyer unemployment and crushing student debt, we like to balance out the doom and gloom with stories of successful lawyers who made winning bets on legal education.

Today’s success story comes to us via the august pages of the New York Times. Even though this young lawyer didn’t go to a top-tier law school, he’s enjoying a phenomenal legal career, marked by fame and fortune.

His story contains valuable lessons for people thinking about, or already enrolled in, law school. Let’s learn more about him, shall we?

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Being a jock’s agent is a selfish business. Law is anything but a selfish business, and it has saved me emotionally and spiritually. I am learning something every day, and I just love the arena. In a courtroom or arbitration, people of different opinions can get along. They respect each other. That’s not always the case at the racetrack.

Drew Mollica, an agent to horse racing jockeys, who decided at age 47 to go to law school. He graduated from Hofstra Law School in 2010 and has now carved out a niche as a “racetrack lawyer.”