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Even witches must pay full price for BAR/BRI.

Law school is expensive. We get it. Preparing for the bar exam is expensive too. We know.

What’s a law student to do? Taking out more loans is the obvious answer, but at a certain point, one cries out, “!No más!”

Some have turned to, for lack of a better word, begging — like this aspiring UNC law student, and this 3L at Arizona State. But their efforts were not well-received. In these troubled times, we all have our own financial burdens to bear.

Alas, one student at Temple Law School didn’t get the “no begging” memo. She sent out a Facebook invitation to almost 800 people, requesting their attendance at an event entitled “HELP [REDACTED] RAISE MONEY FOR THE BAR EXAM IN JULY!!!!”

Yes, she’s asking her law school classmates — some of whom are probably just as cash-strapped and debt-burdened as she is — to just give her money.

Or pay her for one of her magic spells. Because she’s a witch, you see….

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(And begs her classmates for cash, too.)

A top New Jersey practice area: Snooki Defense.

There’s no denying it: New Jersey is sizzling hot right now. Jersey Shore is burning up the ratings, Boardwalk Empire is making critics swoon, and Governor Chris Christie, my former boss (when he was U.S Attorney for New Jersey), is being talked about as a possible presidential candidate.

The Garden State is popular among ATL readers too. Several of you contacted us to let us know that New Jersey bar results are now available. You can check them out here. They’re posted by candidate ID number rather than by name, so you’ll have to wait before indulging in schadenfreude toward enemies of yours who failed the test.

As always, congrats to the bar passers, and good luck to those who will need to take it again.

P.S. I took and passed the bar in New Jersey, my home state, way back when. But now I’m an NJ bar deadbeat; I keep my NY license active instead.

Bar Candidates Results: July 2010 Bar Examination

Earlier: Prior ATL coverage of bar results

Okay, July New York Bar Exam takers, we don’t know much — but here’s what we know.

For about an hour, the results of the New York Bar Exam appeared on the official site of the New York Board of Law Examiners (NY BOLE). This was a surprise. Results aren’t expected to be released until next week.

And the results appeared legit to me…

UPDATE: We’ve got statements from the New York Board of Law Examiners now, and we have a screen grab…

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Nice torso -- no wonder he gets lucky.

Almost a month has passed since our last open thread devoted to bar exam results. So we have some catching up to do.

It’s not yet November, so California and New York test takers still have some time left to wait. But if you took the Massachusetts bar exam, release of the results is imminent, according to Stuff To Do During BarBri.

(Random aside: BAR/BRI isn’t the only provider of bar exam preparation services. For a comparison of BAR/BRI, Kaplan PMBR, and BarMax, see here — including the comments.)

Stuff To Do During BarBri attributes the Massachusetts mailing, said to be taking place tomorrow, to “the grape vine allegedly originating in the Massachusetts Superior Court.” So at this point it’s still rumor.

But we do have confirmed news of bar exam outcomes from other states….

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AZ, CT, MI, PA, VA, WA — any others?

Over the weekend, we received several messages about results for the North Carolina bar exam, which went out by snail mail on Friday. Here’s one email a Carolinian reader sent us:

NC Bar Results were mailed out on Friday… thought you might want to start an open thread or something? I don’t know.

Hmm, we don’t know either. We traditionally post open threads on bar exam results for the biggest states, like New York and California, but we don’t do them for every state. No offense to our many readers from smaller states; we just aren’t inclined to do 50 posts about bar exam results, two times a year.

But we’ll make an exception for North Carolina, since it’s the first state we’ve heard about that has released bar exam results from the July 2010 administration. A question to our readers: Is NC the FIRST state to do so? If you know of a state that released its July 2010 results before this past Friday, August 27, please email us (subject line: “[State] Bar Exam”).

UPDATE: From a reader: “NC is usually the first state to release results, and they typically take 4 weeks. Page 22 of this guide (PDF) has the typical results times for each state.”

How was Carolina able to grade the bar exams so quickly?

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Is NC the fastest state when it comes to grading bar exams?

A portrait of Judge Kozinski as a young man.

* Hans Bader of CEI is fine with the bar exam — congrats to everyone who just finished, by the way — but wants to ditch the requirement of graduating from law school. After all, “[e]ven students who seldom studied, and reputedly were on drugs, managed to graduate from my alma mater, Harvard Law School.” [DC SCOTUS Examiner]

* For people who profess to hate law school, they sometimes act like they’re still in it: anti-law-school bloggers get caught up in a catfight. [Confessions of a Laid-Off Lawyer]

* A collection of entertaining legal opinions. Chief Judge Alex Kozinski appears multiple times, of course. [Google Scholar Blog]

* Chipotle is delicious — but does it violate the ADA? [Cato @ Liberty]

* Can Wall Street wipe out street language? [Law and More]

* Attention litigators: McKool Smith is hiring for its New York office. [ATL (sponsored content)]

Mirrors on the ceiling, The pink champagne on ice
And she said ‘We are all just prisoners here, of our own device’
And in the master’s chambers, They gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives, But they just can’t kill the beast

For many takers of the bar exam, the ordeal is over. Yay! Congratulations. It’s time to get your dragon drink on.

But before you put this experience behind you, we wanted to give you one last picture of bar exam trauma. A tipster reports:

I’m taking the CA bar exam at the Ontario location and staying at the adjacent Airport Marriott. I found the following on my pillow last night.

Yeah, the Marriott’s heart was in the right place, but they really need to think more critically about what kind of gifts they leave on the pillows of people taking the bar…

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For those of you who are done with the July 2010 bar exam, congratulations! For those of you who still have another day left, our condolences — and good luck.

No administration of the bar is complete without some sort of mishap. The latest tale of woe comes from California. The state that some have called “ungovernable” also seems to have difficulty administering the bar exam.

Find out about goings-on in the Not-So-Golden State, and compare notes on the bar exam experience in different states around the country, after the jump.

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Bar exam: fingers crossed!

The bar exam begins tomorrow for many of you (e.g., those of you in Above the Law’s home jurisdiction of New York). To those of you sitting for the test tomorrow, we wish you the best of luck. To quote the Facebook status update of a lawyer who has been through the ordeal (and survived):

Good luck, bar takers!! If you get nervous, remember that the bar exam is nothing compared to the crippling debt you will be saddled with for the next 20 years and the meager job prospects you will face!

Cheery, right? Many of you still need to find jobs. But first things first; take one day at a time.

We’d reassure you and say, “Don’t worry, you’re not going to fail.” And, statistically, this is true for many of you — e.g., July first-time bar takers in New York.

But we won’t say that, because we know how some bar exam candidates hate it when people tell them they’re going to pass….

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For some of you, the bar exam starts tomorrow. Your friends at Above the Law — and our bar-related advertisers, including Kaplan PMBR and BarMax — wish you the best of luck.

If you’re looking for more review questions, check out our post from yesterday, based on Professor Laurence Tribe’s unfortunate incident at a Safeway supermarket. A few of you have already posted impressive responses, suggesting that you’re going to ace the big test.

But the Larry Tribe fact pattern would have been labeled “EASY.” Here’s something far more challenging, from writer-turned-lawyer Elizabeth Wurtzel, who explains:

When I was studying for the bar for the first time in New Haven, in my total frustration, I wrote a parody of a bar exam question, or may be of a Barbri question. I posted it on the Wall at YLS [Yale Law School's list-serv], and I am told that ever since it has been reposted every bar exam season.

I have gotten suggestions that I publish it, and a couple of people have actually attempted to answer it, which is crazy. In any case, do what you want with it.

It is hilarious, and insane, and it will make your head hurt — or explode. Check it out below….

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