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    Non-Sequiturs: 02.07.11

    * How did Howrey start to unravel? The trouble might have started in Europe. [Washington Post] * Congratulations to Arvo Mikkanen, a Native American nominee to the federal bench in Oklahoma (and “an all-around great dude,” according to a tipster). [The Atlantic] * Washington & Lee Law School, which we recently praised for its honesty […]

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  • Elena Kagan, Jury Duty, Non-Sequiturs, Patents

    Non-Sequiturs: 01.20.11

    * Awesome diary of a rich wife trying to cut back on expenses. [Going Concern] * Justice Elena Kagan — who currently lives in D.C., and apparently plans to stay there — was called for jury duty by the District. She wasn’t seated, since we don’t let supremely qualified people sit on juries. [ABC News] […]

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    Don’t Put Bullies in Jail: Now With Video!

    I had the opportunity to take my surprisingly controversial argument that bullies shouldn’t be thrown in jail to a television audience. Megyn Kelly, the host of America Live on Fox News and a former litigator at Jones Day, invited me on her program and gave my argument a fair hearing. Once again, I think my […]

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