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If you want to convince potential clients to hire your firm, one of the best ways to do so is to give them some free swag. It makes the whole experience of being wooed by a law firm all the more memorable. You just need to make sure the freebies don’t flop with your audience.

Check out the “energy drink” that one Biglaw firm is giving away for free. Unless that bottle is full of cocaine, we’re not sure it’s going to work…

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Law students like to be given detailed instructions for the simplest of tasks, but in most cases, they’re unable to follow them. Funny how that works. It may be annoying now, but just think of all of the glorious benchslaps we’ll see later in their careers thanks to their inability to follow instructions — you know, the thing that lawyers are supposed to be able to do.

At the end of the day, we shouldn’t be complaining about this. After all, we get to see the ridiculous instructions law schools are forced to dole out on a daily basis….

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These days, all anyone cares about are employment statistics. Law schools are getting sued over them. Law school rankings are dropping because of them. Law school administrators are losing their jobs over them. It’s at the point where even average joes are aware of the problems law school graduates are having when it comes to getting a job. Dear Lord, when is the madness going to end?!?

Probably as soon as ads like this stop showing up in the most curious of places….

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Shouldn’t law schools just start issuing tents to people at graduation? Or at least umbrellas that could double as tents?

Our last caption contest illustrated the use of law firm swag in a happy locale. Go to Cravath, get a beach towel, and be able to afford a beach vacation.

This caption contest involves the creative use of law school swag. But I don’t think Columbia Law School intended for its umbrellas to be used in this fashion.

At least, I hope this isn’t an intended use of Columbia Law umbrellas…

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Yesterday, we brought you some pretty gruesome news about the state of the legal hiring market: there isn’t one (which comes as no surprise to graduating 3Ls and the class of 2011). In fact, according to one former law school student who was profiled by Business Insider, almost everyone he knows from law school is unemployed. Another recent law school grad is on food stamps.

Lawyers can deal with unemployment and food stamps, but are any of them homeless?

Here’s the photo for our latest caption contest….

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Earlier this week, we asked readers to submit possible captions for this photo:

Let’s have a look at what our readers came up with, and then vote on the finalists….

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Our own David Lat has been popping up a fair amount on Bloomberg Law’s television programming. You can see some of his appearances here and here.

If Lat keeps it up, maybe he’ll get invited to a Russell Brand party? That’s because apparently Katy Perry’s ex-husband is a fan of the show. Or, at least he watched it once.

Honestly, it’s a little bit difficult to explain what Russell Brand is doing in this picture, which is why I offer it to you….

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Say Cheese!!!

Yesterday our social media columnist, Adrian Dayton, asked you: What’s wrong with your law firm bio?

One possible answer: your photograph (or lack thereof). As law firm marketing consultant Dion Algeri told Adrian, pictures are “extremely important” to attorney bios on law firm websites. Over at Great Jakes, Algeri analyzes the lawyer photos on the websites of ten different law firms: Axiom, Babcock Partners, Boies Schiller, Cravath, Edelson McGuire, Greenberg Traurig, Linklaters, Proskauer, Walkers, and White & Case. He notes a trend: “[F]irms are now recognizing the importance of these images and are investing in more lush and engaging photos.”

We’ve previously explored the world of law firm website photos in the pages of ATL. We’ve poked gentle fun at the body shots at Ballard Spahr and the action shots at Cox Smith. We’ve marveled at the split personalities of lawyers at the Van Winkle Law Firm. We’ve ogled the hotties on the website of Davis Polk.

But we’ve never come across an attorney profile photo as awesome as this one….

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Last week, we gave you a photo from Georgetown Law School of a bar exam studier whose performance anxiety appeared to extend to the bathroom.

We asked for captions for the photo and you showered us with them. We’ve chosen our favorites, after the jump.

Check them out and vote for the best. (We’ll flush the rest.)

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