Carmen Ortiz

Aaron Hernandez CuffsI used to plagiarize the hell out of encyclopedia entries. If some weathered-old hag of a 6th grade teacher was going to ask me to write a report on the state bird of Kansas, you better believe that a Mr. Funk and Mr. Wagnall were going to be quoted heavily. And better than that, they weren’t going to be quoted at all! Because I was straight gaffling passages left and right out of those big, dusty volumes. Although the Sturnella neglecta eats grain, it also has a prodigious appetite for crop-damaging insects. That “prodigious appetite” bit? All me. A+!

So yeah, middle school was a breeze.

Yesterday, Aaron Hernandez’s defense team failed in its attempt to move Hernandez’s trial. As part of their argument before the court, they accused prosecutors of plagiarizing from their more accomplished brethren. In the process, they laid bare why the legal profession can, and will, soon be taken over by foreigners. Or robots.

Or foreign robots…

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Patrick Bateman? No, Tabber Benedict (via Getty).

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* Carmen Ortiz, the U.S. Attorney whose name was dragged through the mud after Aaron Swartz’s suicide, claims she intended to recommend only a six-month sentence for the deceased internet hero. [Bloomberg]