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Cosmo's Most Eligible Bachelors

Objectifying men is hot right now. The Duke F**k List, recent Duke grad Karen Owen’s candid appraisal of the various men she slept with, is burning up the internet. Here at Above the Law, we’re getting a ton of traffic to a silly little post about some hot male ass in Chicago.

This seems like good timing, then, for the arrival of Cosmopolitan magazine’s Bachelor of the Year contest. We learned about the competition, in which readers vote for their favorite from 51 bachelors (50 states + D.C.), via Going Concern (our sister site, until recently).

Caleb Newquist of Going Concern highlighted Carl Koenemann, an aspiring accountant who looks great with his shirt off. But the bachelors up for bids also include three legal eagles: two law students, and one practicing lawyer.

Perhaps you’ve met one or more of these hunks. Let’s get to know them a little better (and check out some shirtless pics), shall we?

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