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We’ve got some major news since our last installment of the Comment of the Week series: the first winner out of four rounds of the competition has claimed his prize. Congratulations again to guest9999999, who proved that at least one person reads these columns. I suppose we’ve got to cherish the small things in life.

This week, when choosing our top comment, we decided to go with one from a post that all of the Above the Law editors thought was pretty funny, but in the end, the topic apparently made our readers believe that I was even dumber than they had originally thought — as if such a thing were even humanly possible.

Of course, I’m talking about the Cooley Law shoeshiner post….

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A couple of interesting things have happened since we started doing Comment of the Week:

1) Some commenters have raised their game.
2) None of the winners have claimed their T-shirts.

They’re really good T-shirts, people! Cotton. Classy. Hand stitched by Cooley grads. Win one and you’ll see.

This week, I decided to simply take the most liked comment from the most commented story. Occasionally, even a whimsical comment authoritarian should give the people what they want….

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If you believe traffic stats (we do), many of you have been enjoying our extensive coverage of the Dewey & LeBoeuf meltdown. One of our coverage hallmarks has been the consistently awesome puns based on “Dewey.”

The wordsmithing is largely the handiwork of David Lat. And it’s somewhat of a tradition around these parts. We employed the same linguistic device during the Howrey collapse last year.

So it’s only fitting at this point in the game to recognize a commenter who riffed off our puns particularly well. Dewey have a Comment of the Week winner? Yes, we sure do….

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Sure, sometimes the comments are rough, but they’re often funny, even when we are the subjects of mean jokes. We here at Above the Law have thick skins.

But we do like compliments, and we’ll take them anywhere we can get them.

The winner of this week’s Comment of the Week contest is a two-parter. The first comment was the ultimate backhanded compliment, while the follow-up was more like a “closed fist upside your head” compliment….

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We’re trying out a new feature here on Above the Law to reward all of the commenters who make this site such an active and engaging place.

Sure, a lot of comments are mean, sexist, racist, and devoid of thought or compassion, but on the positive side… well, what I think I was trying to say is that we have a lot of t-shirts in the office that need a home.

The rules are pretty much whatever I say. I am a kind, but arbitrary sort. This week, I focused on the comments from our most commented on stories. Next week, who knows. But, I can tell you I prefer funny with a point over random acts of meme-ing or multi-paragraph term paper comments.

And I also gave preference for people who had actually registered with Disqus….

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