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    Non-Sequiturs: 06.06.12

    * Some say we need judges, not doormats, but I say we need our doormats to be more judgmental. [The Atlantic]

    * I wonder if the voters will like how Romney surrogate Donald Trump is now threatening beauty pageant contestants. [Dealbreaker]

    * Sure, the headline seems crazy: “mother arrested for cheering too loudly at high school graduation.” But honestly, some parents need to shut the hell up. There are lots of kids graduating. Your child can figure out that you are proud of her achievement without you ruining the experience for everybody. [MSNBC]

    * This week’s bro safety announcement. [Reuters]

    * This week’s professional safety announcement. [Not So Private Parts / Forbes]

    * This article on ten things law schools won’t tell you should be titled, “100 things Above the Law has told you over and over again but you won’t listen to because you refuse to learn.” Though, in fairness, that is a bit long for a title. [Smart Money]

    * D-Day. You know, the reason why the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee wasn’t celebrated as a government in exile. [What About Clients?]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 05.29.12

    * It must stink to be out $150 trillion dollars thanks to MF Global. Not as much as it stinks being bats**t crazy, but still. [Dealbreaker]

    * Here’s another way of rating the effectiveness of law professors that has nothing to do with whether or not they are good at being law professors. [Tax Prof Blog]

    * Sports agent who seems to be a professional defendant. [Sports Money / Forbes]

    * Debt, but no degree, sounds tough. But it’s not always worse than more debt with a useless degree. [Washington Post]

    * Romney embraces a birther. [ABC News]

    * This is a beautiful day to live in Manhattan. [Hayden Planetarium]

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    Morning Docket: 09.08.11

    * While med school grads can stop a person from bleeding out, law school grads could probably treat a papercut (but that’s a bit of an overstatement). Who will be there to stop our bleeding? [Am Law Daily] * Annie Le’s family is suing Yale over her death, saying the school failed to protect women. […]

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    Congrats to Brandy Kuentzel, Laid-Off Kirkland Lawyer Turned Apprentice Winner

    Apologies for this very belated coverage of the season finale of The Apprentice, which aired last week. Alas, no member of Team ATL — not even Marin, our resident reality TV addict — actually watched the show. The final episode was a bit like the proverbial tree falling in the forest without anyone around to […]

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    Depressing Statistic of the Day

    This year The Apprentice, a television show in which contestants compete for the privilege of working for Donald Trump, features 16 who are down on their luck, having lost previous jobs or otherwise having to start anew. No fewer than five of them are lawyers. – from Trouble with the Law, an article about American […]

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    The Apprentice Premiere: The Liveblog

    We’ve already titillated you with an interview of one of the Apprentice contestants, former Clifford Chance associate James Weir. Now we’ll get our first look at the rest of the contestants on tonight’s premiere of The Apprentice, which this season is built around a recession theme (and stocked with a number of layoff victims, including […]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 09.10.10

    * Gawker is now offering Donald Trump money to shut up. You could say that Gawker is not getting any consideration in this deal, but you’d be very wrong. [Gawker] * Alice Lingo, the lawyer-turned-cleaning-lady we posted about yesterday, has a Biglaw background. [Law Shucks] * Professor Jonathan Adler has a detailed write-up of Sonia […]

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    Reality Television Can Be Good For Your Career, Says Apprentice Loser

    In our last few reality TV stories, we have highlighted the perils of putting your life on camera — publicly flunking out of law school, having the world know you’ve failed the bar exam twice, and exposing an ego surgically enhanced to the size of Texas. One former reality TV star emailed us to protest. […]

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