Ed Carnes


As Kim Kardashian is with her husband, I’m not going to keep you long.

Chief Judge Ed Carnes of the Eleventh Circuit, speaking at Judge Robin Rosenbaum’s investiture. Well, well. Look at Mr. Chief Judge bringing the funny. Maybe he’s looking to become an ATL columnist after retiring? We’ll welcome you to the fold whenever you’re ready.

Let’s see. How many completely unrelated topics can you fit into one federal appeals court ruling? How about a lead defense attorney who drank a quart of vodka during every day of a capital murder trial, a concurring opinion criticizing the majority opinion — not about the case itself, but simply on the ruling’s length — aaaand let’s throw in a Mark Twain quote for good measure.

That should do it! Introducing the ruling in Holsey v. Warden. It’s quite the odd duck, so let’s take a look…

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