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  • Justice Ginsburg: But I'm a cheerleader! (Or was, back in the day.)

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    Non-Sequiturs: 03.21.14

    * Justice Ginsburg was a hottie back in the day (as well as a cheerleader, aka a “Twirler”). [Josh Blackman’s Blog]

    * “When a Juror Calls You a Motherf*cker” (or, how not to get out of jury duty). [New York Personal Injury Law Blog]

    * Professor Edward Morrison returns to Columbia Law, after a very short stint at U. Chicago — maybe he missed his fabulous Lawyerly Lair in Manhattan? [Columbia Law School]

    * Speaking of CLS faculty members with multimillion-dollar townhouses, congratulations to Sarah Cleveland on her nomination to serve as an independent expert on the Human Rights Committee. [Columbia Law School]

    * After getting a cease-and-desist letter, this Maine bakery renamed the controversial treat “C&D” — well played, Little Bigs Bakery, well played. [WMTV.com]

    * In the wake of the latest “no cleavage” memo, which made the pages of the New York Daily News, Amanda Hess conducts a comprehensive survey of this odious genre. [Slate]

    * Social media isn’t a panacea, but it can be important and useful, and lawyers should use it responsibly — so check out these new Social Media Ethics Guidelines for Attorneys. [New York State Bar Association]

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  • University of Chicago Law School logo

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    Musical Chairs: Chicago Poaches Prominent Professor from Columbia

    Chicago nabs a prominent young law professor from Columbia. It looks like a $2.6 million townhouse in Morningside Heights wasn’t enough to keep this legal academic from leaving Gotham for the Windy City.

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    Columbia Reassures 1Ls By Sharing Professors’ Dirty Transcript Secrets

    We all know that in this legal economy, 1L grades are critically important. There aren’t enough good jobs to go around, and coming out of your first semester with a strong transcript can really help. This is why some law students flip out over changes (real or perceived) to grading policies or curves. But getting […]

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    Lawyerly Lairs: It’s Good To Be King A Law Professor