Focus on the Family

When Focus on the Family CEO Jim Daly recently conceded that opponents of gay marriage had “probably” lost in their efforts to convince young Americans that gay marriage is evil baloney, there was much celebration in circles that celebrate such things. I have it on good authority that Elie let out a big whoop upon hearing the news. Then he quickly got angry as hell about something or other. That guy.

Now that Christian conservative groups have given up trying to convince young people that gay marriage is wrong, they can redouble their efforts on the cinematic front. And that is something that we can all agree is great. Just great.

After the jump, enjoy the trailer for a movie that promises to do for the abortion issue what a banana did for the evolution issue (evolution is not an issue).

The film is called Come What May, and it involves a moot court competition and young love. And dead babies? Yeah, it mentions that once or twice….

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