Fulton County Court

Do you remember those Viagra commercials where they tell you to seek medical attention if you’ve had an erection for more than four hours? That seems like a logical course of action — after all, it’s sometimes possible to have too much of a good thing. But what happens when you’re not taking an erectile dysfunction medication, and you’ve been standing at attention for an entire day or more? What should you do then?

Well, most men would take to WebMD in a heartbeat if they knew that their junk was at stake. Most men would immediately seek medical attention, regardless of a potentially long wait time at the hospital, because most men are fairly attached to their penises.

But not this man — he waited politely and patiently to find out that his penis was ruined….

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Stay safe, Atlanta.

There was a bomb threat this morning at the Fulton County Court complex. The threat was deemed credible enough to place the courthouse on lockdown for an hour this morning. But the court has reopened and everybody appears to be safe. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

The sheriff’s office issued a “shelter in place” order at 11:41 a.m., directing everyone to interior rooms that are away from windows, [Fulton County Superior Court spokesman Don Plummer] said.

Fulton sheriff’s deputies, along with other law enforcement officers used bomb sniffing dogs to inspect the three-building complex, Plummer said.

Authorities believe the threat was made to disrupt a gang trial taking place at the courthouse today…

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