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    Howrey Going to Make This Merger Happen?
    (Plus two interesting internal emails.)

    When asked for some 2011 predictions by the folks over at Hellerman Baretz, I had this to say (among other commentary): “Although business is generally picking up, some firms still haven’t managed to shake off the effects of the recession — and they are now seeing significant defections, as their partners leave for firms that […]

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    Tempering the Excitement on the Sidley Bonuses

    There’s no denying all the good news over at Sidley Austin. The firm just named 28 new partners, up from 15 last year. It recently snagged three leading litigators from Howrey: Gary Bendinger, who served as co-chair of litigation at Howrey, and two of his partners, Gregory Ballard and Kevin Burke. And as we reported […]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 12.13.10

    * Bad news for Howrey: Gary Bendinger, co-chair of litigation, is leaving for Sidley Austin, along with two other litigation partners, Gregory Ballard and Kevin Burke. [Am Law Daily] * Richard Epstein and Megan McArdle on today’s judicial smackdown of Obamacare. [Instapundit] * Quipped our tipster: “Three cheers to annoying psychology undergrads getting mugged in […]

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