Good Luck!

For all of you out there in soon-to-be lawyer land, good luck on the bar exam this week! You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.

We have a few last-minute bar exam tips for you. And let’s see if some of our more seasoned readers have any advice of their own….

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For all our readers and friends starting the bar exam tomorrow: Good luck! You can do it!

Keep reading for a few last-minute tips. And let’s see if any of the many readers who have already passed the big test have some advice…

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Bar exam: fingers crossed!

The bar exam begins tomorrow for many of you (e.g., those of you in Above the Law’s home jurisdiction of New York). To those of you sitting for the test tomorrow, we wish you the best of luck. To quote the Facebook status update of a lawyer who has been through the ordeal (and survived):

Good luck, bar takers!! If you get nervous, remember that the bar exam is nothing compared to the crippling debt you will be saddled with for the next 20 years and the meager job prospects you will face!

Cheery, right? Many of you still need to find jobs. But first things first; take one day at a time.

We’d reassure you and say, “Don’t worry, you’re not going to fail.” And, statistically, this is true for many of you — e.g., July first-time bar takers in New York.

But we won’t say that, because we know how some bar exam candidates hate it when people tell them they’re going to pass….

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