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    GOP Hopeful Compares Marriage Equality To Slavery, Takes On ‘Rogue’ Supreme Court

    Even GOP candidates at the “kids’ table” debate came out swinging.

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    Morning Docket: 08.28.12

    * Patton Boggs partner Benjamin Ginsberg serves as the Mitt Romney campaign’s top lawyer, and he’s taking flak for GOP rules revisions that have been likened to “killing a fly with a sledgehammer.” [Am Law Daily]

    * “I am still shocked that I did everything right and find myself on the brink of destitution,.” This just in from the Things Everyone Already Knew Desk: even law firms have been hit hard by the recession. [Washington Times]

    * The lead lawyer in the inquisition against Madam Justice Lori Douglas turned in a resignation letter. Perhaps he grew tired of being part of judicial farce that’s spread wider than Her Honor’s legs. [Canadian Press]

    * Penn State Dickinson School of Law might not be losing its accreditation, but it will be reducing enrollment and consolidating all first-year classes at its University Park campus. [Central Penn Business Journal]

    * A would-be law student wants to know if he has a good chance of getting into a top 20 school with a low 150s LSAT and an average GPA. You’ll get in everywhere you apply! [Law Admissions Lowdown / U.S. News]

    * Roger Fisher, Harvard Law School professor and co-author of “Getting to Yes,” RIP. [WSJ Law Blog]

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    Mitt Romney’s Taxes Aren’t ‘Complicated’ to His Tax Lawyers

    If you are a wealthy American who pays the top regular income tax rate of 35%, you have terrible, awful lawyers. Mitt Romney does not have terrible lawyers. The news of the day is that GOP frontrunner Romney released the previous two years of his tax returns. Romney’s 2010 adjusted gross income was $21,661,344. His estimated AGI for 2011 is $20,901,075. But Romney is trying to spin his tax returns as an example of how “complicated” that tax code is….

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    Above the Law Research Poll: Lawyers Pick Their Republican Nominee

    Last week, you might have noticed a pop-up asking you to participate in our straw poll of potential Republican nominees. With over 1,000 responses, we’re able to call the GOP primary and crown the lawyers’ choice among the candidates. Breaking news: it’s not Mitt Romney!

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