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    Have a Merry Christmas… Whether You Like It Or Not

    The Texas Merry Christmas Law: Isn’t this what we typically encourage legislatures to do?

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    Non-Sequiturs: 12.06.12

    * If you swap out a menorah and put in a dreidel, does your Hanukkah display avoid violating the Establishment Clause? I know, I know, WAR ON HANUKKAH. [Huffington Post]

    * I wonder why Martha Minow (law dean, HLS) or Robert Post (law dean, YLS) doesn’t write an op-ed defending the value proposition of going to law school? Wouldn’t you like to hear this argument from somebody who isn’t desperate to fill their class seats? [Constitutional Daily]

    * Isn’t the concept of the “last meal” the best thing about death row? Granted, that’s a low bar, but still. Having a last meal sounds so civilized. No wonder Texas and Florida want to take it away. [Legal Blog Watch]

    * Do patent trolls have a weakness to fire, just like videogame trolls? Because, I’d like for them to get burned. [Business Insider]

    * The fact that voter suppression doesn’t work doesn’t make it right. [Election Law Blog]

    * Ignoring losses until they go away sounds like the basis of any sound financial strategy. [Dealbreaker]

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    You Know Your Law School Really Cares When You Get Holiday Cards Like This

    You know that it’s the holiday season when your inbox begins to fill up with holiday cards. Some are cute, some are clever, some are heartfelt, and some come from people and companies you don’t even remember meeting or doing business with. So what happens when a law school sends out a holiday card, but completely botches it?

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