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    In-House Counsel v. ‘Outhouse’ Attorneys

    If the professional world were a zoo, Biglaw attorneys and in-house counsel would be kept in separate cages. They live in distinct environments and, according to a group of general counsel at the InsideCounsel SuperConference, have very different characteristics. GCs from Kaplan Higher Education, Navistar, and Johnson Controls got together for a panel about building […]

    62 Comments / / Jun 7, 2010 at 12:54 PM
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    Generation Wars!!!!

    The modern workplace plays host to three generations: the baby boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. A panel at the InsideCounsel SuperConference this week called the youngest of the bunch, Gen-Why?. The italics are likely meant to indicate a whiny tone, because this bunch, born from 1981 to 2001, are supposedly entitled and snotty. E.g., […]

    61 Comments / / May 28, 2010 at 11:26 AM
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    So You Wanna Be a General Counsel?

    The last day of the InsideCounsel SuperConference started with a Supreme Court star, hot cars, drugs and, um, insurance. On Wednesday morning, superstar litigator Ted Olson interviewed three of the nation’s premier general counsel: David G. Leitch of Ford Motor Company, Deborah Platt Majoras of Procter & Gamble, and Michele Coleman Mayes of Allstate Insurance. […]

    20 Comments / / May 27, 2010 at 10:16 AM
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    InsideCounsel’s SuperConference: Risky Business

    Tuesday, the InsideCounsel SuperConference kicked off with a presentation by Eric O’Neill, the former FBI agent whose spy-catching was immortalized in the Hollywood film, Breach (he’s Ryan Phillippe). O’Neill told spy stories that, while exciting, had questionable relevance for the gathered in-house crowd, beyond some advice for preventing corporate espionage. Watch what kind of information […]

    15 Comments / / May 26, 2010 at 3:35 PM