JC Chasez

We’ve received some inquiries about the fate of our previously announced Law School Dean Hotties Contest. In case you’re wondering: No, you didn’t miss the nominees. We’ve been meaning to announce them for the longest time. It’s just that we’ve just been insanely busy, on the road a lot, and sleep-deprived. And putting together hottie nomination posts, with their many photos and testimonials, is quite time-consuming. (Yeah, we know, cry us a river.)

But we will announce the nominees soon. So check back later today or tomorrow, to find out the contenders for the title of America’s hottest law school dean.

Last month we promoted our Law School Dean Hotties Contest by posting a photo of a young, shirtless Howard Dean. Dean, deans — geddit?

In the course of reviewing the LSD hottie nominations, we noticed a striking resemblance between the young Howard Dean and one of your nominated hotties, Deputy Dean Jed Rubenfeld of Yale Law School. Check it out below….

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